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“Many Days in a Destiny” sounds more like the title of a poem, not an article, but seriously speaking, isn’t life poetry? The roads you’ve walked through, those experiences you’ve had that would never leave your memory, the pains and the strains, all the disappointments and appointments; aren’t they poetry? Every morning, when the Postman drops the mail through the letter box, or knocks on your door to deliver that parcel that you must append your signature, you stutter and flutter because you’re in a deep ponder what a day it would be like with another horrifying texts on a flexible white board. Many nights I have sat on the couch completely in nostalgia, thinking about yesterday; its frights, its frails, its tremors, and some humours. I have thought about the lessons I’ve learnt from the many crossroads, and I’ve also thought about those who are lost in their confusion thinking that what they see daily is only peculiar to them. To help encourage someone not to fret when on fear’s threat, I looked back to see the many days I have been on the edge of precipice, and how it was part of the road network to my destiny. But at that point in time, it appeared like the end of the road; yet, today, I’m still standing!

What are the many days in a destiny?

The day of innocence: we were all born stupid; we only learn wisdom as we advance. In our stupidity is our innocence; that’s why we regularly turn the other cheek. As we grow, we know when to turn and when to stun. Those who wacked our cheeks will assume we will always turn until we stun. Grow up; otherwise, you will be spun like a yarn.

Born innocent and die innocent means no purpose fulfilled. There is a stage where a man must ask why he lives. If he doesn’t ask, and does not know that he should ask, he is innocent. The innocent is dumb. The innocent is ignorant. The innocent is stupid. Are you still innocent?

The day of confusion: the day of confusion begins when a man starts asking questions. There will be too many questions but very few answers. More of the answers will come from those who ended their journeys by the roadside; they aren’t going anywhere, and they have answers why you shouldn’t dream because their dreams failed. On this day, you’ll have multiple ideas – every idea will appear great, but after a few days, it will appear odd. You’ll make plans and dump plans. You are confused and lost, yet, you want to be something. Never ignore the day of confusion. You aren’t mad; it is just part of the road network!

The day of self realization: on this day, you’ve moved from confusion to self realization; you know who you are, and many things you want to be. No one can toss you like a dice anymore; you’ve become a man. You have a number of ideas centered in a pool; you are no longer in a wild ocean trying to escape drowning. You’re safe and thinking straight.

The day of filtration: on this day, you begin to sort your ideas and narrow them down to your uniqueness. You want to do something inclined to your calling and purpose. You no longer want to be some things; you simply want to be something, and that something becomes your driving force.

The day of excitement: it is exciting when you know for sure who you are and where you’re going. It is the greatest day in a man’s life. He doesn’t just discover himself, but he also discovers his destination. By discovering his destination, he can envision because he’s able to look forward to something. When people look down on him, rather than feel bad, he looks forward and get excited. What is ahead excites!

The payday: the payday isn’t the day you earn, but the day you spend. You are the one paying by making sacrifice for what you call a vision. On this day, you must run towards your destiny. Your destiny doesn’t locate you; you locate your destiny. You have a responsibility to run towards what excites you. Run day and night to your source of inner strength. It will take a lot from you, but you have to give it all if you must reap it.

The day of unusual quiet: when you work hard and put your vision on the shelf, you will be wrong to assume that it will instantly get the customers.  You’ll also be wrong to assume that half of those you know, or those who know you will be the first to patronize you. The first to dump you are your associates, confidantes and most trusted family members and friends. There’ll be days where you start questioning your initial conviction. There’ll be times where you pay a visit to the day of innocence and stupidity, and on that day, you’ll wish you never started.

The day of sprout: after quiet comes a sprout, but the sprout comes out of doggedness. You have to be determined, resilient, rugged, persistent, insistent and impudent. With these characters, the seed will begin to germinate. Bit by bit; in trickles, it will begin to happen. The products you threw under the bed because no one asked for them will begin to attract attention drop by drop. And suddenly, big growth will commence.

The day of cultivation: when you grow, you must prune; otherwise, the weeds will also grow with it. Weeds mess up good plants. Weeds are humans and certain decisions that inhibit genuine growth. Some folks that left you when there was work to be done, or when it was quiet, are the first to show up when it gets busy. Some are good because they realized their errors and genuinely want to support you, but most are weeds – they’re coming to take their share, and when they get it, they evaporate. Pruning is hurtful, but you must cut off everything that will impede your growth. No sentiments!

The harvest day: this is your destiny; handle with care! Get the right people to help with your harvest, and remember that there’s something called storage and preservation. If you don’t store and preserve, you will waste a lot of your harvest. You mustn’t eat everything because there’ll be another planting season when you’ll need some seeds to put into the soil. Without seeds, there isn’t a future. Don’t eat up your future – learn to save!







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