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When you see me dance, it doesn’t always mean that the music is rhythmic. I just want to prove that life isn’t all about melody but harmony. When I laugh, it doesn’t mean I’m always happy. I just have the audacity to say to sadness, you can’t control me. Maturity begins with taking responsibilities for your own actions, status and position. If you always think someone is responsible for your failures, without looking inward, you have no place on the arena of progress. The blame game may offer you emotional satisfaction, but it changes nothing – the only thing that’ll reposition you is defying the odds, without allowing the distractions of others affect your golden pursuit. If you don’t get bitter, but decide instead, to get better, you’ll be greater. Except you build your life, and I mean, your very life, you’ll remain a punching bag to those with upper hands over you. They pulled you down. For that you said enough is enough. You remained underground and promised never to make that dream kick again. You’re ignorant. Where does the foundation of a building reside? Down! Wake up from your deflation and lay that foundation. When you’re up, you wouldn’t have the privilege to do it. Do it when you’re down, because you’ll soon go sky high! Know this, not every seed that’s planted increases in number. Sometimes, counting your blessings isn’t a true assessment of your success. Forget how many children that have outrun you. Ignore the position of the ladder on which you stand. If possible, look not up, if it really scares you how far away you are from the main surface. Take it step by step, and you won’t realise when you’ll get to the very peak of life. Stop looking for where it’s so easy because you won’t find it anywhere. Stop looking for where the plants bear fruits in seven days if you don’t want to eat poisons. Stop looking for the quickest ladder to climb because it only takes you to hell. Stop looking for where you get paid without work, it’s just illusion leading to delusion. The tastiest pies went through the heat. The beats got the beats to make the rhythm. Stand up and do the work if you want your dream to be held on your hands. Understand that the real journey are the bits that have been edited out of the final content. Also realise that The day you decide to do something with your life. The day you decide to leave your comfort zone. The day you decide to do something different from your usual. The day you decide to leave the valley and head to the mountain top. Hell will break loose. Your own will fight you. Those you only know from a distance will mock you. That’s the day you’re told how unqualified you are, and how unable you will continue to be. Your heart will tremble. You’ll wonder what hit you. Your eyes will get larger, because until then, you thought the air you breath was free. As you persevere, you’ll understand that everyone who heads for the unusual will ever be intimidated. It’s all part of your exams. Write it, pass it, get promoted. Success is only excellently achieved when every other thing matters less except one, and when all attention is paid on just that one thing. Success is about specificity, uniqueness,  singleness of purpose, and uni-focal targeting. It isn’t about having alternatives. If you don’t burn the bridges behind you and follow ruthlessly, your dream, you aren’t ready to attain the best spot in man’s habitable planet. Eternity never drives with speed. It crawls day by day in seconds, but surely, it moves. Its game plan is to create quality, even if it doesn’t appear so entertaining. Bit by bit, those with eyes for the future spot it and hold it, then they move along with it. When all think it’s gone, it arrives. Eternity truly never drives with speed, but it will take you to where there’s life for real. Just understand that at the door to your rest. The very place that the fiery flame is to be quenched. The beat of evil is at its best. To conclude, most men who changed the dynamics of the world had little or no education. Thomas A. Edison had less than three months of education, yet, that didn’t stop him from making the electric bulb. Henry Ford didn’t go beyond primary school or the sixth grade, yet, we enjoy Ford cars today. No one is interested in your genuine excuses of being an illiterate person and having little knowledge. Just take yourself off the chair and run fast with the picture you see in your mind. Make your dream a reality!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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