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Moving from Words to Tangibility

At first, I thought it was a disadvantage, but until my eyes started getting larger, I didn’t know that one of man’s greatest privileges is to start life from the scratch. When those born with diamonds on the souls of their feet rant, I look beyond the glittering of man’s hardest substance – I look beyond the treasures measured by man’s covetous vision. When I was little, I heard stories, which weren’t favourable about me. I heard of rejections, abandonment. Because I know that life begins with a cell, I didn’t feel pained to build my life from where it was dropped inside rubbles. I am not angry. I am not offended. I am only grateful that I was given the opportunity to live, even if my life started from the scratch.

There are lots of children without genealogy – their history was stolen from them and destroyed in ugly surfaces on the topmost mountains where a man’s longest hands can’t reach, and those who ravaged them presumed that because they made their pasts unreachable, their futures would also be impossible. But they’re wrong. They’re so wrong because cells grow to be organs, and organs grow to be beings. All they need to do to reach impossible heights is paint pictures. Where I am today is a picture I painted in my little poor mind a million years ago. I decided my destiny by shutting my eyes, and opening my mental eyes to search for images beyond seeing Peter Pan. I made up my mind that what I see, one day, I’ll become. I am yet to get there, but from the road I walk, I see a clue that I am on my way.

When I say I love, and I’m not believed. When I say how much I care, and I am considered to be a liar. When I tell my vision, and say what I see, and still considered an impostor. When I wail aloud because I want the best for you, and you take it for impatience. When I make corrections to unclog intelligence because I see a bright destination, and still looked upon as too harsh. In my innermost being, I cry. I cry because no one understands me. I shed tears that eyes don’t see. You may see me laugh. You may see my skin like it’s made of steel sheet, but behind this alloyed skin, is a deep river of tears. In spite of that, I move on, all because I understand that life starts from the scratch.

When you have a dream, and you know within your heart that it is impossible to walk the road alone, and you look outside the window to see those with the skills to make that dream happen – you reach out. The first shock you get is that not every skilled person understands a dream – many can’t interpret it, and so don’t appreciate it. You try to open their eyes to see where you’re going, but the more you try, the more they misunderstand you. You get so frustrated, and feel like you will give up the next minute, but suddenly, you realise that life begins from the scratch. You pick yourself up, and fight that Liverpool Football Club song that says you won’t walk alone – you now see that sometimes, you’ll have to walk alone to achieve the dearest thing in your heart – your dream.

When people say I’m intelligent. When they say they’re stunned by the things I write or say. I laugh. I giggle because I never believed it. “If I am intelligent, “I would say to myself, “why didn’t the certificates reflect it. Why was I in the middle of the pack. “I was naive. I was childish. Intelligence isn’t judged by memory recall – it is judged by dreams coming true – it is judged by the revolution of that image of the future becoming reality – it is judged by making tangible, the intangible. As I bring my ideas from words to what the hands can hold, I say to myself, “Life begins from the scratch. “

I was asked to choose head or tail. I took the head. They tossed the coin, and it was tail. They kept tossing, and no matter how many times they did, it just wouldn’t be head. I got frustrated and concluded that even if I chose head, I actually had no head. I cried, moaned and mourned. It was a few days to his end of days, I realised that both sides of the coin were designed as tails. They designed me for failure in spite of my efforts to succeed.

 I broke down. I thought of the wasted years. I said what was ahead was nothing more than a wait to die, because all that was left was a cunning coin. Then it dawned on me that even a cunning coin can trigger the start of life, because life begins from the scratch. So, I took the coin, scratched off one of the tails, and put a head on it. That was where my future began – life from the scratch.

You may come from the hinterlands, buried in the outskirts of Djibouti. You may come from Ugbodu, somewhere in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, but if you make up your mind, and decide not to ignore the little talent on your hands, and use it, the world will know what a great value you are to her. No one may see you now, but they don’t need to. No one may appreciate you now, but they still don’t need to. Work day and night to put yourself on the platform where your story will inspire someone. Don’t do it to impress – do it with a genuine heart – do it with the mind and intention to help someone. Don’t do it for the gain – do it to heal someone’s pain. Help someone in the pit and bottom of life to start all over again, if they’ve fallen. Help those that have never taken steps – teach them how to walk. Make the deflated know that life begins from the scratch.

You wore the shoes of empty hands. You came out of oblivion. You know the difference between pain and gain. You’re a philosopher in your mind – more thoughts than words could say. You hate it when the helpless are deprived. We are on the same page, so let us leave it that way, since we both understand that life begins from the scratch.

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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