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A woman that suffered from domestic violence was rushed to the hospital by her abuser husband. She was in coma. When they got to the hospital, the husband told the doctors that his wife went into coma as a result of a severe feverish condition. In a hurry, the doctors did their best to resuscitate her. Finally, she woke up but couldn’t talk. The doctors, rather than do detail diagnosis to ascertain the cause of her illness, began treating her for acute fever. The more they attended to her, the less she became well. All the medications administered to her weren’t just doing the job. Miraculously, one day, she was able to speak. There and then, she narrated exactly what happened. A team of doctors carried out a scan, and discovered that she had an internal injury. A new treatment was commenced, and in a couple of weeks, she was out of the hospital.

In the initial treatment, there was nothing wrong with the medications; what was wrong was the application. If the initial medications were used for their designed intentions, they would have produced the desired results. The people that discovered and developed the drugs had a purpose in mind, but those that administered it abused the purpose, ignorantly. A purpose that is consistently abused can lead to death. In the above story, if the woman hadn’t spoken, she would have lost her life.

There have been misconceptions hanging around talent and purpose. Some people erroneously perceive that because they are talented, they are purposeful. I don’t think so. A metal rock musician is highly talented, but through his music, some serial killers have emerged. A successful entrepreneur is very talented, but has spent millions of dollars funding terrorists in order to destabilize the world for reasons best known to him. Talent, without its original reason for impartation is disaster to a peaceful world.

In most of my writings, I have reiterated my belief that everyone was born to accomplish a specific assignment on earth. That assignment is called purpose. And for every purpose, there is an inherent gift imputed to help a person’s assignment easy to accomplish. That inherent gift is called talent.

For instance, a person’s purpose on earth may be to help people with dementia. With this, he may not be a medical doctor, but probably, he may have some outstanding skills of recalling events and things. This person may come out with first class in Oxford University. And the first thing that happens is that, the top organizations in the world will headhunt him. He begins to make big money and become influential. In spite of these, in his heart, is a vacuum of lack of inner satisfaction and fulfilment because, the reason for his talent is unaccomplished. Until he satisfies that inner yearning to help those with dementia, that vacuum cannot be filled. His purpose for those with dementia may be the ability to teach them the easiest way of recalling things. Because he is not in it, the purpose for his talent is not fulfilled.

Many people have strayed from their callings on the premise that they are talented. Every creative talent has an original goal. If you score without playing on your pitch, or in your game, on the outside, you are successful, but on the inside, you are a failure. Some people we applaud today have actually failed, but because we only see the façade, we simply conclude that they are huge successes. You can only be a success if you do what you were created to do, that it, use your talent to accomplish your purpose. Anything else is a waste of time, no matter how much you achieve in it. A man who covers huge distances in a strayed direction may be commended, if those who commend him are unaware that he ran in another man’s lane. But within him, he knows that there is a missing link. Until he finds that bit, he will keep beating himself. Talent with right application is original purpose accomplished. Yes, that’s what it is, and that’s what it will always be!



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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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  1. Pretty Princess Mkandla

    Thank you so much for articulating this truth. This has been the case in my life and many people’s lives I know. They are just in a career because it was the easy option for them or they saw an opportunity to make easy money or worse everyone else is doing it etc. I beg to differ and follow what God has put me on this earth to do. Despite the pressure I will stand by what God speaks into my life.

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