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A few weeks ago, I had the title of this article in mind, and my first instinct was to just put it down, and publish. But for a number of years now, I have learnt one lesson; I don’t always go by first instinct. I think through things before I put down things. Even if I have a few minutes to make a decision, I still think through in order to find valuable reasons why I am taking the action or making the decision.

I woke up this Christmas morning to ponder on the past, and look into the future. Some mistakes have been made; some lessons also learnt. For many years, I have felt stuck. I have the will to do more. My dream is to help humanity. To reach out to the dying and like SEAL, say a Prayer for the Dying. My hunger had and will always be to wake up those who sleep at day, and show them how to run, where to run, and the destination of the finish line. My zest is to tap those who sleep too much at night, and let them realise that any star that wants to shine only has the opportunity at night time. I don’t think I have asked for too much.

After a few minutes of pondering, I needed to leave a Christmas message for the handful of followers I have on the social media platform. As I scrolled through my mobile phone, I saw where I have written, Intention Invention Retention, and I knew straightaway that this may be a good message!

Intention: intention is motive and desire. It is the uterus of creativity. It is the region where seeds are planted, nurtured and brooded. What will life be without intentions? For any challenge encountered by humanity, intention produces solutions. When men couldn’t ride horses from one end of the world to the other, intention saw the seas and let them realise that ships should be designed. When ships became too slow, as men needed to strike quick businesses within hours, intention showed them the air, and made them realise that some technological birds can fly faster than eagles, and not only would they fly faster, they can also carry passengers. So, the airplane was designed.

A man with intention is a man with a creative mentality. A woman with intention is a dynamic person with a sharp cutting edge. Intentional people are proactive; they are lucid and have brinksmanship mentality.

Stepping into 2015 without an intention to succeed means there will be no success. Being negative is not an answer. Always seeing the economy as determinant to how much you can achieve in the coming year wouldn’t take you anywhere. A single thoughtful innovation from you can trigger a rejuvenated economy. So, look inward and ponder on how you can make a difference with your life, business or career. Like a chicken incubating her eggs, start brooding. Your brood is your intention, which, who knows, can make a dramatic difference.

Invention: for years, many people have had intentions to work on diverse projects, but their intentions are gradually becoming embarrassing because it only ends in the unseen parts of their anatomy.

Intention without invention amounts to nothing. Intention only dreams it, but invention produces it. We can’t make phone calls on dreams. If phone design had ended in intentions, there would be no phones today. I don’t know if the doctors do blood transfusion just in dreams? Because if the man that came up with the technology only stopped in his intention, it wouldn’t have been possible.

In 2015, grow from intention to invention. No one says it will be as easy as ABC, but you need to take the courage to begin what you see within. Start making it happen. It can only be tangible when you work on it.

Retention: there is an entrepreneur I know who is great at coming up with ideas, and making those ideas tangible. He came up with a laudable product. I believed so much in that product because it had the best quality within its product range. On the street, I would go from shop to shop distributing it because it was something that could really sell itself. It was fantastic.

In the guy that developed it, I was already seeing a successful person, but one quality factor I saw missing in him was the right interpersonal skills and appreciation. In my opinion, he was arrogant. He wouldn’t even give you a chance to offer advice. He knew it all; he was all in all.

His ownership of the brand didn’t last more than a year, as his financiers took over the business from him. He was accused of so many misappropriations, and in a twinkle of an eye, lost what he intended and invented.

Good character and wise openness to the right people will aid you in retaining what you’ve invented. If you choose the road of pride, it won’t be long before you join every other person in the job market!

Intention Invention Retention – let that be your goal as you walk into 2015.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!




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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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