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Of recent, I’ve been looking at the word, ‘evidence’. Not from the dictionary definition, because, that only gives you a mental interpretation, but from in-depth meditative insight, as that brings alive, the true essence of a word into the soul of humanity. For days and nights, as I ponder on that word, the reality of the difference between knowledge and action began to dawn on me. I have come to the understanding that knowledge is substance but action is evidence.  Until substance becomes evidence, it is worth nothing but mere babbling.

The internet was a substance; some people worked on it, until it became evidence. Today, we can’t physically see the internet, but we can see innumerable evidences to prove that it is a living substance. Going further, the car was a substance; all the materials used in making cars existed in raw state from the beginning, until someone decided to process them, and converted them to motion. We can sit in vehicles and travel comfortably to long distances, without having to walk down, like they did in medieval ages. That vehicle that takes you everywhere you want to go is evidence that dreams are possible.

Why did I spend so much time explaining this? Some people believe that having a unique DNA is enough to take them to their dreamland, but they will dream forever. As human, you’re a substance; an expensive one indeed. I have no doubts about your immense value, but my only doubt is, if you’re evidence. Evidence is the proof of the value of a substance.

Petroleum, as a natural resource, is a highly valuable substance in the bottom of the earth and sea. Still at the bottom, it is useless; if it’s brought to the surface, that doesn’t make it useful, until it is processed. Processed oil is evidence, because it can drive various engines, make vehicles move, power generators to give illumination, act as lubricant, and do much more. If it’s not processed, it is not useful. If it is not processed, it cannot make you. Evidence is processed substance; evidence makes the world a better place.

Your plan is a mere substance; many people before you, have had similar plans for ages. The plan hasn’t made them, because it is just a plan. The best business plan is rubbish; the best idea for an unwritten prose is rubbish; the best blueprint for yet-to-be built edifice is rubbish. Until that substance goes on stage, it may as well be a phage. Stage makes it go on page. Making the headlines don’t come from mere substance; the world wants a proof; prove it by ‘actioning’ it; lets see the evidence.

Evidence is indication that you’re on fire. If you’re not on fire, you’ve retired. To prove that your substance is real;

Let your vision speak: a vision that speaks is one that actions its substance. Some visions are dumb because there’s nothing to make noise about. Some visions are also dumb because the visionary is just a noise maker. It is not evidence when your voice becomes louder than your vision. Your work will speak for you even if you’re silent. Apple speaks very loud, in spite of the fact that today, Steve Jobs can’t speak. Ford speaks loud, in spite of the fact that Henry Ford can’t speak.

Have a dream that breaths: in breath, there is inhalation and exhalation. In humans, inhalation takes in oxygen, but exhales carbondioxide. The carbondioxide considered to be useless to man is useful for green plants for the production of sugar, which in turn, is useful to man.

If your dream inhales life, it should also exhale something that is useful for other people’s dreams. Carbondioxide is useful for the dream of the green plant to produce its expectation; sugar. If your dream does not breath, it can’t produce any evidence. Show me your proof, if you truly have a dream.

Set goals that excite: a goal is a place where points are scored. The most exciting goals are those that are highly rewarding. In football, a friendly match isn’t that rewarding, so, no matter how many goals you score, it is just a friendly match. But, if you keep scoring in a World Cup competition, can you imagine how much reward you’ll benefit from that?

A goal that projects high reward is an exciting one; an exciting goal drives you towards evidence. The actions of goal bound players, is evidence of a breathing dream.

Set targets that obsess: a woman that is obsessed about a man always brings him up in conversations with friends. A man that is obsessed about his new car looks for ways to include it in a football conversation.

You can only hit a target that obsesses you. Obsession cannot be hidden; it is evidence of something either in the making or already made.

Have edges that cut deep: a knife with dull end has nothing to prove to a chunk of meat. Your ability to cut deep is evidence that you mean business. To do a thing, do it very well. Good is not good enough if there are higher heights to climb. Don’t settle at the bottom, improve your strategies; grow your tactics; have a developmental mindset.

Be on fire; otherwise, you’ll be considered retired. Don’t just have a substance, produce evidence. Your evidence is a proof to the Court of Success that you are qualified for the next level.


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