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In my life, I have made lots of mistakes; some of them reversible and some manageable. On the reversible ones, I have made every effort to reverse them. For the ones that are irreversible, I have equally made efforts to manage them. I have met some people in life who make mistakes and justify them. In my understanding, every man born of a woman makes mistakes and will continue to make mistakes no matter how minute they are. As a man continues to walk on the road to perfection, (if he truly understands what true perfection is) he might make decisions that are cheap or expensive. The cheap decisions if not dealt with might end up becoming expensive, while the expensive ones may end up becoming destructive. I’m not against making mistakes if they come due to real human imperfections. What I am more concerned about is our responses to mistakes. Before I go further, I would like to point out that deliberate decisions to act stupidly is not a mistake. Stupidity is stupidity; mistake is mistake. My definition of stupidity is outright rejection of quality information, knowledge, and wisdom. In summary, rejection of the revelation knowledge of God’s word in preference to religion is first class stupidity. There are people who are hooked on religion like drugs in spite of the fact that they have heard the truth many times. Religious people dream but dream the dream of death. Religious people can’t respond appropriately to deal with the impending danger of a negative dream. The mental picture of a person hooked on wrong approach to destiny and divine purpose is ugly and destructive. The response of a bad dreamer to the interpretation of his future is bland. The actions and reactions of a person with unhealthy vision is carelessness.

So Joseph answered and said, “This is the interpretation of it: The three baskets are three days.  Within three days Pharaoh will lift off your head from you and hang you on a tree; and the birds will eat your flesh from you.” – Genesis 40:18-19

Bad attitude does not respond aggressively to counter the impacts of the interpretation of a bad dream. If a man is given three days to live, his response to the pronouncement will determine if he will really die or live. Wise people turn bad destinies around; foolish people end up in it. Wise people rise on the third day; foolish people die on the third day. Wise people get restored on the third day; foolish people end up in the gallows on the third day.

The Chief Baker had three days to change his destiny but chose to die because he was a bad dreamer with a bad attitude. If you were given three days to live, what would be your reaction? Your response to interpretation decides the outcome of your life. If you remain dumb when life turns against you, you may end up in the dump. If you cry for divine help when the fingers of death come to caress your living soul, heaven will respond. Every man has the opportunity to change the interpretation of his dream, if he knows how to react. Everyone has the privilege to reverse the banes of his life, if he does not sit down to condone everything that the wind of life blows to his direction. If I were the Baker, I will ask the God of interpretations to intervene in my condition. Do you know that many people in our generation are like the Baker? The impressions, imaginations, and dreams they have carry wrong interpretations, yet, they do nothing about them. Some people have the opportunities to avoid death, but still walk into it with both eyes open. If you do not face the Wailing Wall to cry for help when the interpretations of life come against you, you may end up in the gallows.

“Go and tell Hezekiah,‘Thus says the Lord, the God of David your father: “I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will add to your days fifteen years. – Isaiah 38:5

King Hezekiah was meant to die but chose to live by his response to the interpretation of his sickness. King Hezekiah’s sickness was described by the Bible as a condition that would lead to death, because the Bible always distinguishes sicknesses as unto death and not unto death. King Hezekiah was definitely meant to die, but his reaction to the news made God add fifteen more years to his life. God watches our reactions to the interpretations of our dreams to see if they’re positive, indifferent, or negative. If man interprets your destiny to be death, you are in the position to change it. If a man interprets your future to end up in the hang man’s rope, you have the right to alter it for good. Accepting what a prophet says when it is not in your favor is foolishness and stupidity. Even if it was God that sent the person, you can renegotiate with God. After all, God said, come and let us reason together. No matter how anointed a man may be, never accept his interpretation if it takes you and your divine calling to the grave. Don’t accept the interpretation of unfulfilled positive destiny. For the fact they heard God does not mean you cannot change it. For the fact that God spoke does not mean He cannot change His mind if you cry to Him. If you have three days to live before facing the gallows, what would be your reaction?

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