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I was excited to commence the recording of some video clips for our YouTube channel. Before then, I took some weeks to research on some top motivation video blogs in the world, and after that, I did same for the equipment and software needed to make the channel a success. It also cost me some thousands of dollars to make the purchases of the various stuffs that were required, as I wanted to make sure that the take off would be worth it. I was not worried about the soft ingredients for the channel – my concern was making sure that the final output in terms of technicality does not fall short of the minimum standard.

After the purchases, getting conversant with how to use the hardware and software was another challenge as I am not a techy guy, even if I try, one way or the other to squeeze myself through most times. I spent hours, days and weeks studying my new babies – sometimes, waking up in the early hours of the morning. To a measurable extent, I got used to my stuffs, and after the stress of moving home, I decided it was time to record. I got a professional graphic designer to do the channel’s logo, and another to produce the intro and outro. In terms of recording, I didn’t have a problem, as my wife and kids were very good in those areas. We shot three videos, and were happy with the quality of the content.

Editing video content for YouTube channel isn’t much stress – I am a self-imposed student of social media and easy-to-handle digital technology – I run away when it comes to the difficult ones. Back to editing; as I uploaded the video content into the editing software, I noticed something – during the recording, we used a wireless lavalier microphone, and this microphone has a transmitter and receiver – the transmitter is hooked onto the talent while the receiver goes on the camera, but to link up with the recording, a cable is used to connect the receiver from its ‘Line Out’ to the camera’s external mic input. We did everything right, but forgot to do the last explanation. How did I know? Every camera has its own microphone, but professionals will tell you that the worst audios in video content are from the camera’s own microphone, and that is why people who understand videos go for cameras with external mic input, so that they can connect external microphones to it – which ends up giving the video a very good audio quality. And when video content with external microphone audios are uploaded on editing software, you will see two audio interfaces – one from the camera’s microphone and the other from the external microphone. No matter how good a video image is, it is so unprofessional, it is so poor quality to have a content with a cheap, bad or poor voice. This taught me a lesson about how your voice adds quality to your image.

If you don’t have a quality voice, your moving image will be disrespected by those who understand greatness. Why spend all your life building a good name, but don’t have the audacity to communicate it? Why grow a fantastic brand, and keep mum about it? Until you render your voice to your creativity, your ability and your ingeniousness, don’t expect anyone to grant it any deserved recognition. All efforts are nothing if there isn’t enough power behind it to say it’s something.

I have seen great people hide behind the curtain because they probably don’t understand their immense values to humanity. I have also seen those who should shut their mouths up, but are busy flaunting what should be hidden. No good voice is sonorous enough to promote a bad image, and no low quality voice should back up a quality image. It must be quality for quality when it comes to putting your image on the billboards of humanity.

The American civil rights picture had a great image – the picture was equal rights for all citizens independent of the color of their skin. The freedom for African-Americans wouldn’t have reached the level it is now, if it wasn’t backed up by quality voices like that of the Late Martin Luther King Junior. In the same vein, the freedom for South African blacks was a great image, what would it have been like if everyone had kept quiet and suffered in silence due to cowardice – the quality voices of people like Nelson Mandela and his mates made the difference. Coca Cola is still forging ahead because of great brand voices. In spite of being dead, the voices that Dale Carnegie left behind in his great books, especially one like How To Make Friends And Influence People, are still loud and clear, and melodious.

Your image will take you somewhere, but your image plus quality voice will take you everywhere. You need to learn to be vocal – I don’t mean noisy. I have seen a lot of noisy people, especially on the social media – they do little and back it up with cacophony, and then go about looking for cheap recognitions, and also blowing rusty and cheap trumpets. In the midst of noises, be a melodious voice – let melody define your brand.

The modern world has loads of multimillionaire boxers, but how many have the quality voice of Muhammad Ali? Floyd Mayweather’s voice may be good, but compared to Ali, it’s like noise. Build your voice. Give your image a great communication. It is your voice that stands for you when everything else fails. Your image may be great, but people need to hear it to really get connected to it. What does it feel like watching a crystal clear HD TV with its volume muted? Nothing but total frustration. That is the same thing that happens when people can recognize your authenticity and relevance, and expect you to say something but you aren’t saying anything. It’s like a man who isn’t guilty, and being convicted of guilt, but can’t open his mouth to defend himself.

 Unfortunately, this beautiful quote is from an unknown author who said, ‘We very often hear “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The truth is that our voices can paint and create unimaginable experiences that no picture can show. This old proverb is a true homage to all those moments when our voices painted the world with colors and sounds.’ If you know where your voice can take you, you will develop excellently, your verbal communication skills. It’s not all about what you see, what you hear also plays an active role in what you become. If you’re only seen and not heard, you will be called a stooge. If you only see and can’t speak, you’re dumb – and if you can speak only when asked to, you are labelled unintelligent. A world without words is a world without form. Words are the forces of creativity, so open your mouth and say, “Let there be light!”

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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