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We win to attitude; we fail to attitude. Recently, I’ve been looking back to see the many roads I walked – to see the decisions I made, and the actions I took. I beat myself several times because I can tell that the many junctions I failed on those roads were due to the wrong attitudes. I can now tell that there were answers all around me, to help me deal with the many things I called problems, but I just didn’t have the right attitude to appreciate the solutions that were readily available for me – I was naive, stupid, and carefree. I thought destiny was luck – I thought it was a positive eventuality, which comes with a high probability of occurrence. So rather than take possession of the answers around me, I was waiting for another solution with my name boldly written on it, but that answer never came. It didn’t come because what was within my environment was enough force to propel me to the next level of my life, and if I didn’t see it and use it, it was no one’s fault but me.

So if you’re seated, waiting for a miraculous jet that’ll fly you to your utopia, you’ll wait for life because there’s nothing like that on earth. You have to look around you – there’s something in your colour, home, community, that has the wings to fly you to your tomorrow. Until you respect it, accept it, and use it, you’ll be stuck in limbo.

If you want people to help you, you have to first show with proofs that you’re helping yourself by utilising all the resources available in your immediate environment. If you haven’t, you won’t, by nature, have access to a bigger solution. That’s how it works.

You must first tear the ceiling in your room, take the roof off, and start laying the building blocks, and cutting the woods that you’ll use in extending the building. It’s only then that people with the skills, materials and manpower to build will come to assist you. But if you keep saying you want a bigger building, without starting something yourself, no one will assist you. And when you start doing something, don’t do it to attract help – do it like a man who’s running alone, without expectations from anyone. Nature knows how to assess you, and determine that you mean it. When nature scores you high, people you don’t know and have never met will be the ones that’ll put wheels on your destiny, and drive it to where it’s meant to be.

When I run, I wait for no one. When I fight, I don’t wait for opportunities – I challenge a trouble that’s asleep and let it know that I’m a grown man. Sometimes, I get knocked out, but I come back fighting. I weary my beaters until they lost all the strengths to fight. That’s exactly when I win.

I never go for those I can beat – I go for those taller than me, those stronger than me. When they pity me by throwing no punches, I take the first shot. When they feel I’m kidding, I take the second, and the third and fourth. It’s only then they know I mean business, and give me a title shot. I lose most times, but you know what, I’m on the main stage, the main event. Even as a loser, I’m perceived a superstar. So, wait for no one. Run your race, fight your fight. Win or lose, you’ll be a champion!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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