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To the mentally strong, failure is an inspiration. To the one who desires to aspire, rejection is a positive turning point. Getting to the edge of precipice and rescuing yourself from drowning could be a motivational factor that gives you a clearer vision to see the ladder that had always been there, and helps you decide that it’s time to start climbing. Candidly speaking, the world and its environs are full of ladders; weak minds only see the pits. The pit is the first to attract because descending is easier to attain than ascending. You don’t need an effort to go down; you need all the energies including the ones you may not have to go up. Improper management that wrecks a growing business requires zero efforts; cutting edge strategies, planning and implementation need broad and titanic efforts to help the advancement of business, career, education or holistic endeavors. There is correlation between strength and effort – strength on its own does not express itself except effort is utilized. A great background for instance is strength, but if efforts are not made, it does not automatically metamorphose into greatness. A good education is strength, but can amount to nothing if efforts aren’t homogenized with it. Efforts give strengths a recognizable voice!

How can you win dogged and rugged?

Don’t always believe experts: when experts come to damage your psychological strength, show them the exit door. Researches and findings aren’t always right especially when it is meant to profile you, or make you feel less human. The only one that can stop you is you; if you let anyone else do; you’re on a wrong lane. Come to think of it, why should you even stop yourself?

On one of the apps on my phone, I was infuriated when I watched the videos of some lectures in a major university in United States. During the lectures, many white Psychology professors presented to the students their findings on how African American students are the worst performing in the US. Most of these findings make their ways into national and international media, and therefore play on weak minds. The black weak mind accepts them and concludes that no amount of efforts can make him better, and then takes to crime. The white weak mind also accepts them and believes that even if he makes no efforts, his skin color will make him stand out, or is superior to the black skin; his performance depreciates, and or, he becomes a racist.

When experts say your situation is your limitation, make a conscious effort to walk out of it stronger and better. Don’t use expert opinion as excuse for under-performance; defy it.

A friend who was a professional mentor to a student on placement asked her a simple question, and she couldn’t answer. The following day, she came with a dyslexia certificate to prove that that was her reason for not being able to respond at all to one of the simplest questions in her intended profession. That is rubbish! Richard Branson had dyslexia, but that didn’t stop him from introducing himself into entrepreneurship by publishing Student Magazine. Believing, accepting, and using some expert opinions to dodge certain responsibilities may work for you for a while, but when you want to get into positions that require one hundred percent fitness, you’ll be stopped. Then, you’ll complain of discrimination, but you once used it to feed your indolence. Doggedness and ruggedness will make you win; stop making excuses; fight!

Your purchase price doesn’t determine your true value: Riyad Mahrez; a member of the Algerian National Team was bought by Leicester City FC for £400000. He was the engine room of his football club winning the premier league for the first time in history. The value he brought to his club runs into multimillions of pounds.

Some people look at how much their employers pay them and decide that they’re worth almost nothing, undermining the fact that it isn’t the prices placed on them that determine their values. Your value is determined by your concerted and focused efforts toward hitting result producing targets. Your pragmatism, doggedness and ruggedness that undervalue intellectual and evidential negativities are what make you win.

Learn to bounce back: these days, giving up seem to be an option for many people, but it isn’t an answer. Everybody fails, and if everyone that fails decides to stop, there won’t be a shop. You win nothing when you stop. You don’t have a success story when you stop. You are indeed nothing when you stop. The story only gets interesting when it is bumpy. If everything went smoothly, there wasn’t any lesson learned. If you feel cool throwing in the towel, let me remind you that you’ve just been knocked out. It will go into history that you were knocked out. Anytime your profile is pulled out, the bold prints will be there staring you in the face; Number of Fights: 1, Win: 0, Knockout: 1. But when you’re dogged and rugged, it will read; Number of Fights: 1, Win: 1, Knockout: 0. Refuse to be knocked out; FIGHT!

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