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On various occasions, I have realised that when people get motivated, they are on fire. This fire makes you want to build a skyscraper in one week. Before you, you see where you’re going and the outcome of what you will become when you take positive steps. Within that period of frenzy, you are on top of the world – you believe that impossibilities can become possibilities. But suddenly, after a while, bit by bit, your fire begins to go down; all the reasons for inabilities begin to rush into your mind. Somehow, that giant you saw within, a couple of weeks ago diminishes gradually into a grasshopper. At this point, you are almost worse than you were when you first got motivated.

The low level you get to, after a high motivation can be very frustrating. If the person doesn’t take time, inner suggestions about doing something stupid can become evident.

Some months ago, Karyn Washington, an American motivational video blogger committed suicide. When I read the story, I wondered what went on in her head.

So many people do not realise the negative impact of being de-motivated after being motivated. If they do, they will do all they can to maintain the zest and progressive mentality they acquired from being fired up. Keeping that zest and progressiveness comes with real understanding. Without understanding, people actually perish.

How can one sustain his motivation?

First, you must understand that there is time frame between preparation and actualisation. Some people think that because they are motivated, everything will instantly, begin to work out. If it were so, everyone will pretentiously get motivated in order to make things happen for them. But it doesn’t work that way. The way to success is full of empty spaces. On this space is a vacuum, with no one except you to contend with the forces of impossibilities. Except you are mentally strong, you will lose out to failure.

You must realise that the day of preparation is not the day of recognition, reward, or award. So, shut your eyes on everything that attracts or distracts. Focus on the ultimate success ahead of you. In focusing, push yourself towards the picture you see, and step by step, you will reach the place of rest. That is the place of actualisation.

Secondly, recognise and be conscious that there will be bad days, no matter how much of a positive thinker you are. One thing I honestly dislike in some motivators is deception. They make you believe that there are no bad days, but that is a lie. Lie isn’t motivation, it is manipulation.

I have seen many bad days in life; I knew they would come. How did I know? I knew because anytime you make up your mind to do something unique and outstanding, the negative forces come also, to counter you. If you are aware that discouragement will visit you after an overdose of encouragement, why do you get frustrated when it finally comes? Your understanding must get you ready for eventualities, and so, when it finally happens, you can say to it, ‘I knew you were coming, but you can’t stop me’

Thirdly, be determined to grow taller than frustration. Frustration’s greatest weapon is the internal pressure of negative voices. Within, you will hear the names of everyone that was better than you, who couldn’t make it. The voice tells you that if they couldn’t, what makes a small fry like you think you can?

To deal with this, you must learn to impose your uniqueness on the agents of de-motivation. Any voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough doesn’t understand the power of difference. What you have I don’t have, and what I have you don’t have. So, we need each other to make the world a better place. If you aren’t making your contribution in your own unique way to the world, you are cheating the world.

Be motivated because your contribution helps the world. We need you. What would we be without you? To make us continue benefiting from you, please, keep your motivation!



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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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