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As I came up with this topic, I was wondering if this is the right thing to talk about at this point in time. The reason I felt that way was because, most of the people in the world today, feel that they are not yet in leadership positions. So, they wonder if such a blog post is meant for them. In response to that, I would say that everyone is a leader in his or her own capacity. For instance, you may not be head over other people, but you are responsible for your personal, career, or business pathway. Not leading other people doesn’t mean that you aren’t leading your own destiny.

Nevertheless, we must not be scared of leading people, or having that cutting edge over competitors. Championship competitions aren’t there to prove equality. They are there to show that someone is better than the rest. If you are better, don’t feel timid to admit it, even if at the same time, you need to be humble.

People like Usain Bolt have been able to sustain their leadership in their professions and endeavors, not only because they are so talented, but due to their abilities to know what to do when in competition with challengers. Take it or leave it, there will continue to be challengers in any field that you cultivate. If there aren’t any, there may be nothing valuable there. The influx of talented and untalented people into thriving platforms, especially those that have celebrity inclination is because there is something there that may be more expensive than gold. Where there are people, keeping abreast isn’t enough; keeping ahead gives you that security to maintain your leadership edge.

How then can you sustain your lead if you are ahead?

Many times, when I watch certain sporting activities like triple jump, a person’s first jump may be ahead of other competitors, and with that, an ignorant person may assume that the winner has already emerged. But as you watch on, you realize that someone that was behind suddenly makes a surprising jump with a very high score, thereby setting a new target for others to try and beat. So, anyone that relaxes based on a current lead, is in for trouble because those behind are constantly striving to outdo those ahead.

To sustain your lead therefore, you must be a research-minded person. Research helps you discover new ways of doing things in a better and quicker way. For instance, the original television that was designed was black and white, and the picture quality was appalling. But today, we watch crystal clear pictures on TV. If the design was left at its original state, we would have continued living in the old, rather than the new. We enjoy technology today, because people didn’t rest or rely on history; they were determined to look into the future in order to improve their pictures.

To improve your picture, do some research. To do a research, you must know how the product or service was designed, and then think about how you can improve it.  Research gives you a cutting edge. Research makes you stand out. Research puts you above your contemporaries.

If you don’t know how to do it, ask and seek how to do it. If you can do it, but don’t know how it can be better, ask and seek how it can be better. Ask from experts; ask from novices. Novices think differently; from them come fresh and stupid ideas. From some stupid ideas, come great innovations. So, don’t undermine what comes from the perceived ignorant people because they see differently. What you need to be creative is difference.

To sustain your lead, adopt your findings. Findings are the results of research. The results of research are what will bring the difference that you crave for. It is needless spending loads of man hour to research on something that you don’t have the will to use. The will to use, is the mind to apply purposefully, the innovative elements you discovered from your laborious search. Application is relevant; without it, you will keep obtaining the same old result.

In conclusion, being ahead is good, but to continue being ahead, you need to go beyond conventionality. Conventionality relies on the past and present, but creativity takes the future into consideration. If you truly consider the future, dig into the depth of wisdom. It comes through hard work, drive, determination, and a strong will.


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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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