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A position is a condition with reference to place, location, or situation that is appropriate, proper, and usual. A position is a status, standing, circumstance, disposition, or arrangement. The meaning of position goes beyond a conventional definition of a level, dimension, or potential. The difference between a proactive and a laidback person is their abilities to take advantage or ignore the principles of positioning. The position a person assumes determines his type and level of contacts. Contacts go beyond phone numbers, email addresses, or office or home addresses. Contact is the ability to access the strategic cooperation of association. Contact is the ability to win the mindset of anyone who occupies the seat of strategic connection. Success is not achieved by luck; success is achieved by deliberately adhering to winning principles. Winning principles are the building blocks of the laws of life and success. Anyone who has succeeded made a deliberate decision to succeed by obeying the laws of success. Success never discriminates against those who obey its rules; it only discriminates against lawbreakers. Those who don’t obey success principles are jailed in the prison built on the base of the pyramid of life. Right positioning puts you in an environment where your skills can be noticed. Right positioning puts you in a location where those who matter will observe your perseverance. Right positioning puts you in a dimension of qualification for promotion. If you’re not rightly positioned, no matter how much you complain, it won’t change a single thing.

How do you position yourself for success?
To position yourself for success, you must do the following:

Be Prepared:
talent is not preparation; it is a gift. You can be talented but if not prepared, your talent will end up a raw material; you can’t put crude oil in a tank of a car; it will knock the engine. One of the worst crimes a man can commit against his vision, dream, purpose, and destiny is for opportunity to knock on his door when his either ill-prepared or not prepared at all. The unfortunate thing is that most people are caught in the web of lack of preparation, yet, keep asking for privileges. Privileges are caps that fit the heads of prepared people. There’s someone I know that had the opportunity to be appointed to a position of being a representative of a government, but he was semi-educated. He had every chance to upgrade himself, but chose to remain on the same level. When the position for elevation called, he was found wanting. Preparation is the development that pushes you to the level of opportunities. Opportunities are always up, it takes those who go up to reach them; preparation takes you up.

Be consistent in and with what you do: consistency is the degree of density, firmness, and viscosity. Consistency is steadfast adherence to disciplined and winning principles, forms, or course. Consistency is synonymous to reliability, continuation, and coherence with creative principles. There is every need to form the habit of continuity in what you are designed to do; everyone was designed to fulfil an assignment. When you embark on your design, don’t do it like it’s a hobby. Every design was drawn to create a product of legacy. To make something of legacy, the character of consistency is required. Consistency positions a man for success. A talented man who is not consistent in pruning his talent will end up in a raw state. An intellectual who is inconsistent in updating himself will be outdated. A businessman who is inconsistent with prevailing business and marketing ideas will go bankrupt. Consistency is a product of hardwork; consistency is a product of self discipline. No one can properly position himself if he is inconsistent with the principles inclined to his calling, vision, or purpose.

Take advantage of opportunities: opportunities come in different shapes, forms, colours, and sizes. Some people identify them; some don’t. There are people sleeping and waking up with opportunities but cannot identify them. There are people dining and wining with opportunities but do not realise it. A man cannot identify what he cannot see; a man cannot take advantage of what he cannot behold. Opportunities are rough and sometimes very dirty. Opportunities appear insignificant most times. Opportunities sometimes, speak with the voice of lack of seriousness; this voice appears passive a times. If you’re not sensitive, you cannot take advantage of what should add immense value to your life. Problems are opportunities that help people break into new information. Problems are privileges begging for new forms of research. Problems are not always hazards. If you see every situation as an opportunity to create a positive difference, you will succeed in every endeavour of your life. Take advantage of opportunities; be sensitive to opportunities.

You must deliver: some people are given opportunities but cannot deliver. To deliver means to do or carry out an assigned responsibility as promised. Sometime ago, I was in a workshop where someone was given an opportunity to make a presentation. When he was introduced, he was hiding behind the sound engineers; I was shocked. When he finally took over the microphone, he was dithering and shivering. In my opinion, the presentation was flawed. If you take advantage of an opportunity, please deliver. If you don’t deliver, you won’t be recalled.

Finally, you must realise that success is not coincidence; it is a deliberate determination to step out of the ordinary. Success is not an accident; if it was, all successful people will be in their graves. To succeed, you must obey the laws of success; one of the laws of success is proper positioning. If you want to be successful, you must put yourself in the location of successful people. Location is not always geographical; it is sometimes non-geographical. Positioning is not always in form of physical boundaries; it is mainly developmental. Develop yourself; grow yourself by acquiring and constantly developing the skills necessary for your calling. Exhibit the right characters, and you will succeed!



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