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Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you had fun, ate all the good foods, and drank all the best wines during the festive season. I had wanted to post this article on the first day of the year, but I knew you were too engrossed in the ceremony, and wouldn’t pay attention to the details even if you attempt to read it. Now that your nerves are calm, and like me, you’re starting to count the cost of the celebration, you will be more relaxed to reason on what is written.

One thing I like about time is that it is a no nonsense factor. Time is a variable that isn’t in the control of anyone; if you turn your clock backwards, in an attempt to slow down it’s pace, you are wallowing in self-deception. The year has begun; it is flying faster than our thoughts, and until we quickly realize it, and begin to work on our goals, or set some goals for the year if we haven’t, we’ll be saying HAPPY 2017 empty handed – this was exactly what happened to many people a number of days ago. I have set my goals for the year. I am daily dreaming on the goals, and also working on them. In every part of me, I see and smell those goals. I am hungry to make them happen against all odds – my heart burns with the desire, not to prove anything to anyone, but to satisfy my inner yearning, and to show to myself that it isn’t just possible, but I AM POSSIBLE. To help you hit your target for 2016, I am going to show you what I will do to hit my own target. It will now be up to you to follow suit, or ignore me.

Find it: you need to know what you want to achieve for the year. Don’t just say, ‘I want to be successful.’ The question is, ‘successful in what?’ You must find the ‘what,’ because if you don’t, you have no target to run to. In 2016, I want to go back to radio and television to host a new style of motivational program. I have the picture of what it will look like in my head; I have started making production and airtime contacts. There is work in progress. Also in 2016, I want to publish a new book. I have written the book already (it is over 200 pages). There are more goals I have set for the year, and they are ruminating in my heart. I am hungry and eager to go, without wasting a single day of the year. Find your goal, set it before you, and run towards it!

Brood it: I have been acting in my mind like a crazy person these days, because anywhere I am, I feel like exploding into flames because of the excitement of the dream in my heart. The most exciting bit of it is that I see the end result; the end result intoxicates me, and I am like a drunken man.

Like a chicken broods her eggs to make the chicks, you must sit on your dreams to incubate it so that it will become tangible. Brooding is continuous dreaming. The goals you brood on never disappear from your mind. I hardly write goals on paper; I am not one of those who it works for – I write them on the board of my heart and turn them into films that I watch daily. With that, it gets into my blood and bones until I make it happen. Brood on your target and you will act like you’re drunk. If you aren’t drunk with your goals, take it from me, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

Design it: after brooding, it becomes easy to sketch what you want to do on paper, because you can see clearly, your destination. PUT ON PAPER, WHAT YOU SEE IN YOUR HEART. You aren’t the only one that will make your dream happen, so, other people need to see what you’re seeing in order to take you to where you’re going. If they can’t see it, they can’t help you. But note; most people, in spite of your design WILL NOT HELP YOU. Don’t be too expectant from most people, and don’t be angry if they ignore you, disbelieve you, or turn their backs against you. Acrimony kills dreams; wipe your tears, and knock on the next door till you find a helper!

Groom it: the idea to go back to radio and TV has been designed, but I am not leaving it on the table of design; I am grooming it. To groom it is to research, polish and grow it. Why am I grooming it? There are millions of motivational programs on air, and many of them look the same. ‘How can I bring something different that will captivate like a new hit music?’ That is the question I am asking myself. I am tired of being lost in the crowd; I don’t want what I do to drown in the sea of the crowd, and so, I am growing my idea to make it STAND OUT OF THE CROWD!

Trim it: growth is good, but obesity is also considered to be growth which isn’t good. To make sure my dream isn’t obese, I am not going to follow every idea I find; I will trim it until it fits in to a sensible size. Trim your dream to make it easy to hit your target for the year.

Brand it: branding is packaging. People pay more for good packages. Two products with the same value sell at different prices because one decided to give itself a better package. THINK BRANDING!

Position it: put your brand where it will be seen. If you hide your goal behind the curtain, it will die unnoticed. Make some noise, like I am already doing about my Radio/TV program. Don’t give a damn what people think; if they don’t like you, that is their headache. I used to care, but now, I am carefree. Call me names, but when I get there, you will call me fame. Position your dream where the good customers are. Good customers are mainly those who don’t know you. If you think friends and family members will patronize your dream, you haven’t got any experience. Those to first nail you are those that know you.

Pin it: when you find the right positioning, pin your goal there. The moment you begin selling, some idiots will come to displace you. Those that don’t know the price you paid to get there will want to use their money to push you out of your shelf. Don’t allow a moron or even the most intelligent person to take your place because he thinks he’s better than you. STAND YOUR GROUND!

Once again, people, put me on the shelf by sharing this message if you benefitted from it. Don’t get me lost in the crowd. Do your bit for me; I need you to help me hit the target of getting a million people to read this article. I love you all; God bless you!




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