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Things don’t always immediately work even if you put in your maximum best. Sometimes, the more efforts you make, the more difficult it appears like you’ve practically done nothing. At this point, a lot of people get discouraged, and give up. In moments like this, some people hastily evaluate their vision and conclude that they were wrong for ever starting to run on the track. But one thing you must realise is that not all pursuits come up with immediate results. For the fact it isn’t immediately producing results does not mean it isn’t meant for you. All perennial crops take time before germinating. If a farmer puts a perennial seed into the ground, and impatiently expects it to sprout in seven days, he may be wasting his time. The seeds that produce lasting plants stay long in the soil before springing up. That is what happens in great visions.

The more you resolve to wait until your dream becomes real, the better the character you cultivate; it makes you more patient, tolerant and determined to keep going. With these qualities and abilities, you are able to withstand challenging moments and deal with eventualities. But for those that always get it easy, they also easily fall apart when confronted by unforeseen circumstances. Those who are tested by nothing, fail when issues that are nothing attempt to rip them apart. As a person born and raised in Africa, I shiver when I hear about children born in the west committing suicide because someone bullied them. Back home, most children fight for their own survivals; they daily beat hunger and illiteracy. So what will bullying do to them? Nothing! Because they have defeated bigger oppositions and demons that want to impede their destinies, any lightweight means nothing to them. In the west, we raise weaklings as children. They’ve never been hungry. They’ve never lacked anything. So they crumble over someone insulting them on the social media. One day, they pick up a rope, and hang themselves. What a contradiction?

What should keep you going is your conviction. For the sake of conviction, you must probe your intentions before commencing a vision because when you hit the road, midway, you will encounter turbulence. At the stage of turbulence, if you weren’t sure before starting, you will abandon your dream on the highway. Those who abandon are in pandemonium because they are in a state of confusion. Beginning again after misdemeanour isn’t an easy task. So, question where you’re going before boarding the train. If you’re sure of your direction and destination, don’t let anything deter you; not even you. Not even you, because, sometimes, we are our main inhibiting agents.

When should you keep going? You should keep going when you don’t feel like going. I didn’t feel like writing this article. The truth is that I felt no inspiration to, but I don’t always wait for inspiration to follow my conviction. I woke up around 0400 to do the first two paragraphs on my laptop. I was to leave the house around 0615; so, could not finish it. While on the train, I started typing the third paragraph on my mobile phone, emailed it to myself, and joined it up with the previous. I did this because I don’t want to cite motivation deficiency as excuse for not continuing with what I love to do most; inspire people.

There isn’t a reason not to follow your dream. You have to fight on with or without external support or financial backing. Do the bit that money cannot buy. Push yourself to the level where you’ve done all that are at your disposal, and then wait for the opportunity to present it to the world. Until you get to the boundary where you’ve not left anything undone, you have no right to call for help. Those at that boundary are those who spiral immediately to the topmost position when they find the missing link. To find the missing link (opportunity), leave no stone unturned. Stop making excuses; run towards your dream.

If you need help, people want to see how much you’ve helped yourself. If you stand with arms akimbo, waiting for someone to leave their lane, and help you run your vision, that may not be possible. If truly you’re fired up by what you see with your inner eyes, move aggressively towards the image, and make it happen. As you move, those who genuinely understand how to make visions work will come to your aid. But until you move, expect no one to invest time, energy, intelligence or money into mere ideas. Do what you can, until you can do no more.

Sometimes, you are inspired to follow your dream but don’t know where to begin; I always advice people to begin from what they love most. When I started writing my first book, what delayed me most was that I didn’t know where to begin; and it was very frustrating. One day, as I made a final decision to write, I took some time out to ponder. In pondering, I discovered that to make progress in a pursuit, one must start from a familiar to unfamiliar ground. Those days, I used to talk to people a lot about Consciousness, but never wrote anything on the subject. So, the first chapter of a book I have ever written is Consciousness. I began from what I love. Always begin a dream from a friendly, familiar and love angle. If you don’t, you’ll be frustrated.

Some people get stuck midway their dream, not because they know not what to do, but because of procrastination. I have no pity for those who procrastinate. The only advice I have for them is to be hard on them. You know what? You’ll wake up one day to find out that what was your morning yesterday, has suddenly turned evening today. You have the time, knowledge and the resources required to achieve your conception, but you keep postponing your due date. I pity you because you may lose your pregnancy. No dream stays in the womb forever. Every good dream wants to be born. If you don’t birth it, soon, another person will be impregnated with the same idea. When he speedily births it, you’ll moan and lament that you once had the same idea but never worked on it. Get up now and do something with your idea!

How to get going when things aren’t working is to keep going when you’re fully convinced that you are in the right direction. Others may stray; keep straight. Be focused on what you see. Be dogged; give it all. Keep giving it all with or without results. One day, your dream will become an inspirational legacy.


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