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Smart people may do everything stupid but one thing they never do is lose their voices. If you lose your voice, you lose your conviction. If you lose your conviction, you lose your originality, and if your originality goes, whatever you do is fake. Many people walk the street fake, not because they reconstructed their noses to look like Michael Jackson or because many cut their hairs to look like Elvis Presley, but because they don’t have a stand.

Gosh, Jacob was a fraudster! Gosh, he cheated his twin brother and took all his blessings away!! Gosh, he was a conman; too bad a guy, he even wore goat’s hairs to make him look and feel like his brother. But one thing he never did, and I repeat, one thing he never ever did was to lose his voice. No wonder his father said, “I feel the hand of Esau but I hear THE VOICE of Jacob!”

One main problem with mentoring is that some mentors imprison their mentees by making them speak in their own voices. After the age of mentoring, the mentee carries on with life saying the same thing the mentor said till death. With this, innovation dies, and the world becomes stale until stubborn heads emerge. For this reason, you notice that the most intelligent aren’t the most creative. The most creative are those that kick against propriety and hate protocols and stupid organizational structures. The rebels who war against rigidity and advocate fluidity are those that come up with creativity. Steve Jobs was a rebel – he didn’t agree with the usual educational structure and left the university after first year. He was more interested in transformational thinking than structural thinking; his style reshaped the digital age, and see where we are today!

How can you find your voice?

Learn to listen: if you aren’t a good listener, you can’t be a good speaker no matter how well you can talk and how deep you are in the use of semantics. When I watch TV, I hate being distracted especially when it comes to listening. You can block the picture, but don’t mute the sound because from the words, I can create my own pictures.

The first thing a man must see with aren’t his eyes but his ears. If you see only images, you can misinterpret it, but if you hear only words, you can decode and recreate. Many people are among the audience seeing the person on stage but hearing nothing because they aren’t listening. What would they take home when they heard nothing?

Rapt attention: you can’t build up your vocabulary when you haven’t paid rapt attention to other people’s contemporary. When you listen, listen with your life if you want to wake up your own originality. Listening with good concentration opens up your intuitiveness and helps you access creative information. Attention involves your five senses and the subconscious. To make the best out of your talent, career or business, attention to details in every ramification is not negotiable.

Repetitive listening: repetitive listening is the power of success because you become what you continuously listen to. A repetitive listening plants a can-do mentality into your head; it helps you have a possibility mindset good or bad. Your continuous listening invigorates and reinvigorates your beliefs. Step by step, you’ll begin to gain confidence. So, whatever you want to do or become, but scared that you don’t have enough ability to achieve it, take motivational videos or audios of that thing, and watch and listen to it day by day until you can dream about it. When you do, you’ll see the results later.

Begin to speak: take a bold step and start talking about your dream. When you start, the first issue you will notice is that from your own voice, you will actually be hearing the voices of your mentors – your mentors could be the persons you saw face to face, the videos you watched or the audios you listened to. It is not strange to see those mentored by Jim Rohn speak like Jim Rohn. It is simply part of the process. You will speak like who continuously spoke to you, but that should only be for a season until you get to the next stage.

Start developing your own voice: the first step to developing your own voice is having your own message; that is where originality begins. You can’t live your whole life on what someone else said; the point is what are you saying? If you haven’t got anything you’re saying, you aren’t making a contribution; you are only a usurper. Don’t get me wrong; it takes time to find your message, but find it!

Speak it: the first time I heard my voice on an audio system, I didn’t like it, let alone when I heard it on TV. When my first program was aired on TV, it felt like my voice was too audible, but later, I got used to hearing it, and it became normal. Same thing happens when you start sharing your conviction. You may think you aren’t really right, but you are. You may also think that your style of delivery isn’t posh enough; you could also be right but you will develop. Don’t allow the drive for perfection kill your originality. Some people have become synthetic because they want to be perfect, and because of that, they lose their uniqueness. Find your voice. Speak with your voice. You are better being YOU!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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