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What is relevance? Is it feeling important, being important, or doing something that is important? Feeling important is great, being important is greater, but doing something important, in my opinion is the greatest. The reason doing something important is the greatest is because you may be nothing but still be able to do something worthy of commendation. So, you may be nothing but your ability to do something makes you someone, even if those who think they are great only exhibit a mute admiration of what you do, or have done.

So many people want to be relevant. It is lovely to, but unfortunately, many people misconstrue the meaning of relevance. They think that being relevant is tantamount to jumping everywhere to network with workable and unworkable people. But it isn’t; it has never been, and will never be.

Relevance makes you connect with the matter in hand. If there is a call to action, your willingness and ability to step up, and step in, to bring purposeful solutions into the quest is what defines your relevance. Having said that, how can you either be relevant or enhance your relevance?

I remember someone reprimanding me for not doing enough networking with some powers that be. I don’t understand why the person thinks I needed to, but what I know is that to come into the lives of people, you must have something to offer. If you have nothing, you’ll become a parasite. I hate parasitism, because it sucks people dry without adding anything valuable to them. So I made a decision that to step out, I must first step in, to look for my true identity. After finding my identity, I will go further to create a product in line with my identity. This product will become my offering to the world.

My first understanding of enhancing one’s relevance is being exceptionally skilful. Being just skilful isn’t enough because what you think you can do, a lot of people can do either the same or even far better. Take for instance the musical talent hunts on television like American Idol and X-factor. It is amazing seeing how many great singers the world has. Yet, many of them live in isolation or are too scared to believe in their abilities and God-given gifts. So, thinking that being just skilful will make you outstanding is self deception. Whatever you do, do it with the whole of your heart. If you do it with your heart, you will do it with your life, and if you do it with your life, it will be exceptional.

No man can dump a relevant man, except he smoked a substance that he shouldn’t have. Some people are promoted, not because their bosses like them, but because they can’t do without them. Being exceptionally good in what you do leaves your adversaries with no choice, but to commend and recommend you.

Another angle to enhancing your relevance is having the right character. Character is a very broad word – it encompasses a lot of attributes, qualities, and inequalities. An exceptionally skilful man can shoot himself in the foot with a wrong attitude. Many have done it, and found themselves in the ugly position of being self inflicted amputees.

For me, character is everything. If you haven’t got it, you may make it for a while, but when stretched beyond limit, you will break down and lose out.

Patience is character; impatience is also character. The difference between both is that the first endures until the vision is mature, while the second is so hasty, that it makes nonsensical decisions which end up aborting a project in progress.

Interpersonal skill is another form of character. No one was born with it. Those that have it honed it, until it became part of their genetics. Because they worked on that part of their lives, coupled with exceptional skills, they thrive in their chosen endeavours. Some people also have ignored good interpersonal skill, with the hope that being exceptionally skilful makes you completely indispensable. Not too long, they realised that they were completely wallowing in utter self deception.

In conclusion, I want you to take into your subconscious two important points in this short article. The first is the relevance of having an exceptional skill, not just skill, while the second is the understanding that exceptional skill without the right character is a taboo. Don’t rely on skill alone; don’t also rely on character alone. Rely on both, and you’ll see how your relevance will soar!




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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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