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My heart gets broken when I see various people all over the world who don’t realise that they have  something unique within them. I do feel very sad especially when I observe people who idolize celebrities unknown to them that there is a celebration already going on within them. One of the bitterest pills in life to swallow is the realisation that you have treasure within when it’s too late. In different continents of the world, there are treasures in beggars’ uniforms. In every human being, there is a value far bigger than secular education lying untouched within; that treasure is called gift. The role of secular education is to help discover what is in man, but unfortunately, it is structured in such a way that it doesn’t. Except education becomes purposeful, most people won’t be able to discover why they’re on earth. You are on earth with a gift to fulfil an assignment. Your gift is your special ability or capacity, natural endowment, or talent. Your gift is something given voluntarily to you without payment or return. Your gift is something bestowed on you or acquired by you without any particular effort or without you earning it; it is a talent you perform with ease and maximum enjoyment. Your gift was given to you to stand out on earth; it was given to you to make a difference on earth. How can you build your gift?

1. Discover every assignment you can naturally perform with ease, and concentrate on your maximum strength: every man can perform more than one task in life. Some people can design clothes, braid hair, and sing. For the fact a woman can perform these three functions does not mean that she can maximise the three functions. To excel, she has to choose the function she can perform most. The function she can perform most does not have to be the one she loves most, because there is a place to draw a line between passion and strength. The area a person performs most is where she excels most. When deciding on a gift, focus on your strength; passion is secondary after strength.

2. Make an outstanding choice: quality and excellence are the watch words in a gift. For every gift you manifest, there are a million and one people who operate with similar gift. To make a difference, you must bring into that gift, what other similar gifted people have not introduced. If you do not, you will be like one of those common products in the market that are ordinary. The world is looking for uniqueness; the world is searching for something different. Microsoft brought something different; it dazzled the world. Apple took it to another level, and dazzled the world much more than its competitors. If you want to stun your world, search for the uniqueness within you. In spite of various people operating in the same gift, each one has his uniqueness. Your uniqueness will make you outstanding. You don’t need to be Microsoft or Apple to be unique; do it in your little way!

3. Test the product: one major problem a lot of people have when operating in their gifts for the first time is haste. Haste easily destroys a good talent. When you make your product or design your service, don’t be in a hurry to manifest. Test the product. An untested product or service will be embarrassed in the marketplace. For instance, if you’re a singer with a recorded demo, don’t rush into producing a CD or DVD. Allow unbiased independent people listen to your music, analyse it,and offer constructive criticisms. If you wrote a book, let people who are not emotionally attached to you read it, and criticise it. In the course of writing, I have discovered that whether African, Asian, English, or American, some of the words we speak are not actually English language. If your book is not proofread by professionals, you may as well have written junk. Test the product!

4. Review the product: product review is done after market research; that is, after testing the product. During product review, you must strengthen all the weaknesses discovered during your test. What is the essence of conducting a product test if you’re not willing to effect the changes required? There is the need to adjust the product in order to meet with potential customer expectation. Review helps you refine and fine-tune your talent or product based on the information you gathered from independent market research. Tell people to be honest in their opinions of your product, but never get offended; just review it.

5. Promote the product: in recent times, due to the advent of social media networks, promoting talent, product, or service has become easier and cheaper. These days, you don’t need to pay anyone to sell yourself or product. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, free blogging websites like Blogger, WordPress, etc; to promote your gift. All you need to do is to be aggressive, vibrant, and consistent in your promotion. As you promote, shut your ears to busy bodies who will feel that you’re taking it too far; there are lots of bad bellies on social media networks. Connect with the right people; also connect with the right organisations. Proper networking and promotion will help you create better awareness for your gift or product.

6. Realise that making a hit is a heat: some months ago, I watched one of Tyler Perry’s mentoring videos, where he said that when he began operating in his gift, for many years, he would organise shows but nobody would show up. In spite of the challenges, he never gave up. Today, Tyler Perry is one of America’s greatest actors, directors, screenwriters, playwrights, songwriters, producers, academy award winners, and multimillionaires. Tyler took the heat, and so, made a hit. To make the hit, you must take the heat. As you take the heat, stay put until something happens. If you’re convinced that it is your calling, don’t run away because of the challenges. The challenges are there to shape you. To build an admirable gift, you need the shaping to fit into the hole of success!








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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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