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When people think distractions, they mostly feel that it takes a very bogus approach, but I have noticed from personal experiences that the worst distractions are the most subtle. The distractions that steal your essence of existence don’t come like hurricanes – they sneak into your life and cause you colossal damages, unrealized, until it’s probably too late. Until you come to that consciousness, and find more sensible ways of dealing with them, you won’t know when they’ve ruthlessly dealt with you. Distractions could be ephemeral in nature, but their sustained effects are long-lasting, especially when they tickle negatively the most sensitive parts of a man’s quality obligation – and to be candid, distractions massage the wrong parts of your anatomy.

Distraction has been defined as a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else, a diversion or recreation, or an extreme agitation of the mind. Certain things with little or no values constantly want to take your attention away from what is much more valuable. I feel so aggravated when people deviate from spending useful times on treasures to measure what is seizure – what wouldn’t take you anywhere isn’t worth all the clamor you give to it. The most disturbing type of distraction is the one that takes over the mind, harasses it, and makes it seriously obsessed. The obsession lures a man into making stupid decisions, making wrong conclusions, and being a victim to self inflicted manipulations. Let’s talk about a few typical examples of distractions.

When Good Ideas Choose the Wrong Time to Come: you’re in the class listening to a new topic in a distinct subject; at that very moment when the connecting dots are about to be discussed, that’s when you switch off and appear in Australia where you’re dreaming of launching a new career, and having great ideas of how you will make it work. All along, no suggestions came to you, but at the point of sense, a distractive sense surfaces, and rather than pay attention to the connecting dots, your mind strays into Australia, until you’re completely lost. Or, you’re in the church listening to the preacher, as he mentions the title of his message, your mind picks up one of the adjectives, and you immediately commence a meditative nonsense, rather than listen to another person’s line of reasoning. Distraction often makes you hear ONLY your own inner voice, and shuts you off from listening to another person’s, and as a result, it limits your intelligence because you only hear yourself – distraction reduces your knowledge base.

The Roadside Attractions: a man is driving, and on the roadside ahead of him is a young girl with skimpy skirt, he takes his focus off the road, and looks sideways – if he promptly looks once or twice, one would understand that nature is at work, but where his attention is completely diverted until his car kisses the bum of another is madness – when it comes to roadside distractions, some people are actually mad. Same goes for a lady that sees another woman on some designer wears – she doesn’t hear when other passengers in the car are saying something to her because she’s carried faraway by the latest fashions in town. And for that distraction, she can miss out on far more valuable things that aren’t flamboyant in appearance but more needful than pettiness – some pettiness are more costly, in all ramifications, than the most needful things – foolishness goes for pettiness, and abandons worthiness.

The Chatty Distractions: you have a plan to finish off the response to that very important letter , and as you sit on the chair to open a new page on Microsoft Word, that is when the phone chooses to ring, and it’s always your best friend that you like picking up her calls. You pick up the call and chat for one hour plus – after that, the gas to energize the response to the letter is exhausted, and you push it forward to another day until it becomes too late.

You’ve been busy for days at work, and there are backlogs of bills you need to go make payments – you’re about to rush out of the house; that is when your neighbor who updates you on all the gossips in the community chose to knock on the door. Because you want to hear, you pay attention and chat for God knows how long, until the motivation to do it gets deflated. You decided to push it forward until you got the red paper reminder.

The Fans: your fans do a lot in pushing or promoting your talent, and must be continuously and expressly appreciated, but in truthfulness, there’s a point where they become distractions and make you lose focus. As a football club plays at home and dribbles the opponents, their fans cheer and make so much noise. And as the cheer goes on, there’s always a tendency for the team to get carried away – instead of focusing on scoring goals, they anchor on entertainment, until the opponent hits them with unpredictable surprises. Teams have lost games because they accented too much to the exhilaration of their fans. What makes you smile can also make you cry if you don’t know how to gauge its usefulness level and its disadvantage level. Same fans that got you distracted will blame you if you don’t produce the right results, and they will tell the world how unprofessional you are for not being able to strike a balance between entertainment and focus. So don’t get carried away by the applause – do all you can to fix your eyes on the finish line.

 Lifestyle: nothing distracts like having a wrong lifestyle. On highways, one of the major causes of accidents is drunkenness – a very bad lifestyle. Lifestyle impacts on, not just the individual, but everyone around the person. So when people with bad lifestyles say, it’s my life, I have this to say to them, “Stop that mess because it doesn’t just affect you – it touches everyone around you. A drunk driver says it’s my life as he goes way pass the drink drive limit, until he takes other people’s lives or maims them for life. The teenager who doesn’t listen to correction says it’s my life, until he takes a knife and kills another young person. The irresponsible father says it’s my life, and abandons his children for their mum to care for. The careless spending mum says it’s my life, until she squanders what is meant for the whole family. The fact is that it isn’t just your life – it’s our lives, because you don’t live alone on earth. Whatever you do has a cascade effect on everyone around you. Your decisions and actions, and the overall consequences don’t stay with you alone – everyone takes a share of your stupidity. Stop being selfish. Stop seeing yourself alone. If you consider other people, and how your selfishness will cause others pains, you will think before you play. That game is dangerous, not just to you, but to all. THINK!”

 Distraction leads to procrastination – you delay action until it becomes too late. Distraction leads to accidents – your eyes are off the driveway until you crash. The main solution to distraction is to be more committedly focused on your expectations, your reasons for being there, and your set targets – the more you focus the more you get less distracted. To round up, I need to point out that in focusing, you will get some people offended, but don’t let that bother you!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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