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How do i motivate others?

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I am writing this to introduce you to a concept that many hear of but most can’t grasp……. Positivity! This simple, yet powerful tool is available to all but used by so few. Why? Because we all think that there has to be more to success than this one word. Surely, there is some secret only known to a select few that all others have no access to; that allows them to have the life we dream of. The Power of Positive thought is exactly what it says; Powerful!

I have never been an academic person in any way but I know I can communicate and I’ve always known this. The trouble is what to communicate, where to communicate and how this will make me a living. None of the above questions were answered for years. Truth be told; half the time, I even forgot the questions and just lived like most people; getting on, paying bills and raising children to the best of my ability. Then I stumbled upon someone a couple of years ago who challenged me about my life. She knew I had faced several life changing situations from childhood, that had affected me but I hadn’t really recognized the impact. This caused me to audit myself, values, goals, achievements, failures, dreams, and fears.

Due to the happenings in my life, I developed very low self esteem and limiting beliefs. The first challenge was; how do I tackle this negative? My decision was to deal with the issue of my mindset by purging it of all the excesses that poisoned it. The next question was how do I do that?

I started by being mindful of the types of thoughts I brood on or entertain. This sounds simple but if you imbibe this practice, you will find out how helpful it can be in ensuring the purity and cleanliness of your mind.  Try challenging yourself at every single thought that pops into your head.  I trained myself to edit my thoughts as I became more and more aware that my thoughts influenced my beliefs which in turn influenced my behaviour, which in turn influenced my outcomes. Negative thoughts trigger self perpetuating cycle of limiting beliefs that continues if not punctuated. This was what happened to me, until I started gate-keeping the thoughts of my mind. When gate-keeping the thoughts of your mind, you don’t need to embark on positive thinking but just spend the time disposing negative thoughts.

After training my mind to deal with negativities, I knew that the empty space needed to be filled, so I began considering the right alternative. Challenging negativity leads to contemplation of positive alternatives. When you run out of negatives, the option left will be to embrace positivity.

Like I mentioned earlier, my friend had a great impact on me. She challenged me to change the way I respond to issues and people. For example; the thought that tells you that you should jump out of your car and scream abuse at the person that cuts you up at the traffic light is replaced by the thought that hey, that person is a liability on the road and I survived an encounter with him, and I’m much more aware of his presence and that of others like him. See? It changes your outlook.

Ok, so how does this explain how I motivate people?

Well, as a direct consequence of this change of outlook, I challenged myself to face the self imposed limiting beliefs that I can’t communicate properly in writing, because of my lack of confidence and academics. In response, I opened a Facebook account and started a daily blog. Previously, I used Facebook as most people do; I would tell jokes and discuss football, but I also saw the opportunities it offered. I realised that if the message I post is positive, then positive minded people would not be able to ignore it. Basically, positivity attracts positivity!

I started it approximately a year ago with maybe 200 or so friends on my page, now I have close to 1300 with more being added everyday, and I had to add another page just for the purpose of motivating people. The new page is called Motivation 4 change which is also the name of my website and business, all of which have been borne out of the change of my belief system. is the physical manifestation of that change of mindset. The aim is to target those who need most, that change of mindset; the school children who are on the periphery of gang culture, the gang member who is in but wants out, the offender who is in custody but wants to break the cycle, the long term unemployed who only sees barriers but never seeing opportunities, and the individual who for whatever reason keeps making the same mistakes but expecting a different outcome each time.

The key to what works for my clients is the simplicity of the message. We all need something or someone to engage and inspire us. That person has to have the ability to deliver a message that resonates with the audience. For some, it’s a faith thing. There is no one size-fit-all approach to motivating and inspiring others, but there are three things that must remain true; your message must be clear, it must be consistent and must be believable.



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