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I am sometimes overwhelmed by so many opportunities that surround us particularly in the past ten years, especially, the advent of the internet. The coming of the internet has turned the world around, and has reshaped the way we communicate and do business. The social media would have been non-existent if the internet wasn’t available. The world has become a global village, as we, within seconds, are able to interact and pass information speedily to one another.

The networking technology has created massive opportunities for anyone who can take advantage of the positives, and use it to advance his skills, connections, income, and much more. Due to the internet, you have the ability to link up with business partners you’ve never met, do some deals with them, and make your money, while continuing to maintain your quiet life and privacy. In the yore, it was a different story. Today, I design my books without coming face to face with the designer. When I produced a business video promo for one of my websites, I didn’t have to sit down with the animation producer. We simply communicated online; I told him what I wanted, he did it, and I signed it off after my satisfaction.

In spite of these opportunities at our beck and call, there are millions who are still asleep, and haven’t woken up to realise the advantages that their world has. This was what prompted me to write this article. I have come to know that in the world, there are eight types of people –

Those who think opportunities don’t exist: These types of people are pessimists; they are doubters who never believe that anything is possible. People in this category feel more comfortable when things go bad because they believe that their prognosis came to fruition.

Those who wait for opportunities: These set of people believe that opportunities exist, so they wait for it. But waiting for opportunities require good positioning, although, most who wait do not understand this, so, many of them wait till they become frustrated. Only a few wait with proper information and preparation. These are the ones who take advantage of the rare privileges when they come.

Those who search for opportunities: The people within this category are self driven. They are not ready to wait; they don’t have that patience. They are willing to pay the price by getting out of their comfort zones to search for opportunities. But I must let you know that not all who search actually find, because to search and find, you must have the ideas of where the opportunities are and how to find them. Searching requires knowing the right direction, good timing and tact.

Those who create opportunities: These are the super heroes. They neither wait nor search; they simply go ahead to create what they want. But unfortunately, not many people are within this category. Not many have the mental strength to go for what they want; instead, they prefer ready made lives and ready made answers to every question.

Those who don’t take it: There are people who sleep and wake up with opportunities. They recognise the opportunities, they know it is opportunities, but never ever take it. Instead of taking it, they envy those who are custodians of those opportunities. This is the height of stupidity. Take it or leave it, that part of the pyramid is thick.

Those who take it but do nothing with it: If you hide a cheque of a million dollars inside a 200 page book, and hand each copy of the book with its own cheque to one hundred people, not up to 10% will find the cheque on page 80 of the book because they won’t read it. There are many people who have been handed opportunities but did nothing with it.

Those who take it and turn it around: A few are given opportunities, and with all their hearts, use it. They don’t just use it, they expand it. These are people with determined hearts to succeed, and such people are hungry. Hunger induces greatness.

Those who take it and abuse it: These types of people are bad skimmers. They use you to achieve their selfish desires, and after that, they dump you. After dumping you, in order to isolate you, they go round your circle of networks to discredit you. They are venomous and deadly.

Different people respond to opportunities in different ways. How do you respond?


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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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