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There  is no motivation, independent of its strength and its power to superbly persuade, that you’ve never heard. One way or the other, it’s been said to you, or spoken using different channels or rhetoric. And nothing will be spoken tomorrow and beyond that you’ve never also heard. The difference between where you are and where you feel you should be is action. Every chain will lock your feet. Every wall will stand in your way. Every sea will spring from beneath to stop you, but what impediments don’t have the power to do is to determine your doggedness to beat the odds. Your success is your resolve. It will never be easy, has never been and must never be. Champions emerge by overcoming the impossible. So stop wailing behind the high walls – step into the cold and show you have the effrontery to challenge the bests. No fidgeting – just go for gold!

What makes champions emerge?

First, champions enquire – their initial enquiry isn’t like intellectual research. Instead, they search within to know who they are; knowing who you are is the most difficult aspect of life because many people never know until they’re in their graves. Because many don’t know who they are, they lose their self worth. Who you are may not be what you studied, where you were born, who you were born to, or who you know – it is about your spiritual identity which ends up reflecting in your entire life. When I talk about spiritual identity, I am not talking about religion, but your very essence of creation. You weren’t born merely to occupy space. You weren’t born to make up the number. You were born assigned with a responsibility. To be more relevant and unique, you must find out that responsibility or assignment. If you were born to teach, until you start teaching, you will never be inwardly happy or satisfied. Those who focus on their assignments are eternally motivated to the extent that the derailed and indifferent think they’re on drugs. I am a happy man. I love what I do. I inspire. I motivate. Some who don’t know who they are think I’m on some form of substance. But my call is my inspiration.

Secondly, champions sit to ponder – when you wake up in the morning, what do you do first? Do you fly out of bed like a bird eager to get out of cage, or do you take some minutes to reflect on the past, present and future? Without reflection, the present and future aren’t going to be different from the poor past. When you ponder with an open mind, you will be real to yourself. An open mind is willing to admit mistakes, take corrections and effect the necessary changes.

Apart from the above, I have discovered that I identify liars and also find out those who are honest in my early morning ponders. You can lie to me all day, but wait until the next day, I will find you out. Somehow, early morning meditations help you forge ahead in life, help you make right decisions, and also help you know the right direction to go. If you don’t have the time to shut the world out of your life, and focus on your innermost being, you’ll be people’s fool for life.

Thirdly, champions have inner eyes – if you only see physically, you have a problem. Vision does not only exist in the physical – there are mental and spiritual visions. That is what makes you a leader. The power of vision is the power of initiatives. I have seen people in positions, that lack initiatives because they can’t see beyond their noses. If you give a large sum of money to someone without inner eyes, he will waste it because as far as he’s concerned, money is meant to be spent. But over what? He knows not. Yet, if same amount is handed over to a person of vision, it will be made profitable. Profitability in all ramifications define a champion.

Fourthly, champions are assertive – there are times your decisions and actions may not make sense to anyone or everyone, but you mustn’t stop because no one sees what you see. At this point, when you see positivity that no one else sees, or have a clearer vision to behold the treasure behind the thickest darkness or the biggest risk, the champion in you will ignore every potential criticism or prevalent attacks. You may not be supported by anyone except assertion. Putting your feet on the ground to make some near-edge-of-precipice decisions is assertiveness. You can’t emerge when you’re always waiting for other people’s opinions. At times, you have to damn the world and carry on with what only you see.

Fifthly, champions are intuitive – intuition is a direct perception of truth or reality on ground. You should know when something is for you or when it isn’t. Intuition is not suspicion; it is a recognition of facts without a physical evidence. On various issues, there aren’t always physical evidences, but your ability to know that something is right or isn’t right helps you avert danger. You can’t lead without intuition; otherwise, you will be fooled, or you will make a fool of yourself. Every human has the power of intuition because it was created with man, but most people have not developed that aspect of their lives – they rely only on intelligence and formal education. Intelligence and education don’t see beyond the intellectual realm. Develop your ability to recognize the right from the wrong, and hidden intentions, if need be. That makes you a better champion.

Sixthly, champions defy shame – anything positive and legal that will take you toward your dream, no matter how low or demeaning it may be, must be embraced and loved by you. Many champions did odd jobs to fund their passions. Many champions went naked for years before having the opportunity to get on stage. Some were hungry. Some were mistaken for mad people. Some were jilted by partners because they didn’t have the wherewithal to make life look attractive, yet they never stopped pursuing their dreams. If you are a champion, follow their humble examples!

The last but not the least, champions read – without reading, you can’t gain entrance into other people’s minds and opinions. You are locked up in your own world without innovation because all you do is see yourself, hear yourself and believe yourself only. Reading gives you ideas, it challenges you, and makes you know that you aren’t there yet.

Do you want to be a champion? Learn to emerge!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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