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I remember vividly where I was standing when we all screamed Happy New Year; the date was 01.01.2013. On that day, awesome promise to make the year the best ever was made by almost everybody. I recall that in the few weeks that followed, I ran two hours weekly program for four weeks on an FM Radio station; my topic was the 30 meanings of resolution. I picked the topic basically to make people understand that New Year resolutions must be backed up with purposeful actions. Actions separate talkers from doers. Unfortunately, talks and speeches are easy to utter; it is the discipline to make it happen that is the challenge.

In 2013, I have met dreamers. Some people’s dreams scared me; I believe in scary dreams; what I don’t like is nightmare. But do you know what was scariest for me in 2013? The scariest thing I ever encountered was that some people weren’t actually dreaming; they had nightmare! ‘Why are you being so harsh?’ You may ask. I don’t think I am. I assumed that most dreams were nightmare because they began and ended in multitude of words. Nothing was done to bring them into the real world. The tunnel between dream and reality is dreaded my many people, so they don’t dare.

I often say that things don’t change on their own accord; it is you that brings the change. Many people couldn’t score the goals they set because in the first instance, they were never on the pitch. If you want to win, it is not enough to imagine victory on your mind. Imagination is good because it gives you an idea of where you want to be, but ideas without power can’t take you anywhere. Action is the power behind an idea; without it, you may as well be hallucinating.

Have you evaluated 2013? What were your plans; what were your intentions? Did you go near the achievement of your plans or intentions, or are you waiting for another New Year to reignite the frenzy of resolutions that are never packed with determination?

As we round up 2013, begin to examine yourself. On 30 December 2012, I published an article on my website; The title was, ‘Don’t be a shadow boxer – Run with purpose’. It was an article meant to encourage everyone to stand out in 2013. The advice in that article is invaluable and applicable to 2014. I will go back to that article and change the dates to suit this moment. Please read:

 ‘In shadow boxing, a boxer goes through motion without an opponent. Anyone who exercises motion without a target dissipates energy without purpose. There is time for imaginary targets; there is also time for tangible targets. Life may begin with imagination but ends in reality. Reality is tangibility. Some people only live in imaginations; they never take purposeful actions. Purposeless actions are actions without targets. A man, who continuously lives life shadowboxing, evades or avoids direct or decisive action. To achieve a life of uniqueness, you must live and run with purpose.

As you step into 2014, the only way to make it count is by taking actions that will lead to purposeful results. Wishful thinking and New Year resolutions don’t bring success. What brings success as you step into the year is the type of decisions you make, and the actions you’re willing to pursue logically and committedly. If you do nothing, even if you plan, you will end up nothing. In the beginning of 2013, a lot of people had good plans, but ended the year in regrets because they never worked on their plans. Plans alone don’t make things happen; it is good plans plus aggressive actions that do.

As you step into 2014, what are the actions you should take?

Review the plans, decisions, actions, and attitudes of 2013: Why do you have to review 2013? Review helps you assess the activities of 2013. Assessing the past assists you in pointing out the areas that you did well; that is, your strengths. Knowing your strengths is useful because, you will have an idea of where your resources should be directed. Assessment also tells you where you were weak, and how to deal with the weaknesses. Apart from assessment, review is useful in evaluation. Evaluation gives you a value estimate of the gains and losses of the year, where the gains/losses were made or incurred, and how to focus on profitability or avoid deficits. So, as you step out of 2013 and step into 2014, you must do a careful examination of the previous year. A careful examination of the previous year makes you accountable.

Take responsibility for the successes and failures of 2013: Whatever the outcome of 2013, take responsibility. Do not blame anyone including yourself for the failures. Blaming yourself may lead to unnecessary guilt and condemnation. You don’t need to step into 2014 with guilt and condemnation. It’s not in your interest to do that. Praise yourself for the gains; learn lessons from the failures, and move on.

Set new goals: You can’t afford to step into 2014 without knowing what to expect at the end of the year. That will spell doom and disaster! Within your heart, you know what you want for the year; you have some expectations. In spite of your expectations, you must realise that without setting goals, you can’t score goals. If you want to succeed in 2014, you must set goals. If you don’t, the truth is that you will fail! Life has patterned its principles in such a way that without setting goals, you can’t succeed. When you set your goals, make sure they’re realistic. Do not set goals that are too big to achieve, and do not set the ones that are too easy to achieve. Set goals that will stretch you, but not break you.

Be importunate: Importunity is persistence, tenacity, and perseverance. To succeed, you must have a die-hard attitude. To score a goal, you must be ready to run, strategise, drive, and be resolute. If you’re not imperative and pertinent, you will end the year the same way you ended the previous one. It takes crazy people to beat the odds of any year. In any year, are insurmountable barriers that limit weak-minded people – except, you’re ready to die for your pursuit, you will back out when the going gets tough. Every year will always present its toughness. To make something out of it, you must be tougher.

Where possible, form a strategic alliance: The problem with most people, visions, and businesses is that they hardly align with other forces. In your pursuit, it is not possible for you to possess the ability to do everything. Partnering with another person where you can augment each others pursuit is necessary. In augmentation, you can assist your partner perform tasks that require your skill without charging any money; your partner also does the same thing for you. Strategic alliance saves a lot of costs, and it helps you strengthen, enlarge, intensify, reinforce, and build your goal until it is achieved. Strategic alliance must be mutually beneficial; it must be a win-win alliance; otherwise, it is not worth it.

In conclusion, be focused on achieving the best as you go into 2014. Don’t wait for things to happen, go ahead to make things happen. If you commit your life to winning in 2014, the reality is that you will win.’

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