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This afternoon, I called my mum to give her an information – I expected her to call yesterday, but she didn’t – I knew she didn’t deliberately call because she wanted me to. I understand my genetics. I laugh about that most times.
As we chatted, the more I said, “okay, bye,” the more she came up with fresh topics. I was itching to go, but you dare not hang up when mama is still talking, otherwise, you’ll be told off, so, I carried on listening and contributing.
On one of the topics, she turned me into Joseph, the interpreter of dreams. I did my best to give her my version of interpretation, and to say how positive the dream was. She ended up, after a lot of “byes” to assume that I am either a doctor or a dietician. She said of recent, she’s been incessantly sick, but I told her she should realise that she’s an old woman, and that issues like this are part of old age. Without hesitation, she accepted my verdict on ill-health. I probed a bit by asking what ailment she’s been down with – she said it’s sluggishness. I smiled, and told her to do, at least, 15-30 minutes walk, daily, and to eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water. After my “professional” advice, she agreed to finally let me go.
Trust me – the first thing I jumped on was my laptop – there were a few paragraphs I wrote last night that needed a proofreading.
As I turned to that document, my mind began to reminisce on the chat I had with my mum, and I felt so guilty. “Why was I in a hurry to go?” I asked myself. I felt I should have invested more than the fifteen minutes I spent with her. “We don’t appreciate them until they’re gone -” that was my conclusion. I wept in my heart.
Many a time, we’re too busy to talk to our parents. Sometimes, we think they talk too much, but they’re the main prayer warriors we have, that heaven mainly responds to. On a number of times, my mum will admonish me to call her regularly, but the excuse is always busy, busy, busy. Busy doing what? I don’t even know. Today, I said to myself, I must start making regular calls to three main people – my mum, my mother-in-law, and my uncle, who has taken the place of my late dad, in my heart.
Let’s remember our parents. They’re lonely, they want to hear our voices – it isn’t always because they want money, and even if they do, so what! Let’s call them regularly. Let’s give them better health by them hearing our voices, and that of their grandchildren, if they have. Let’s look after the generation that once looked after us. Please!!!!!!!!!

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