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Understanding the Need for Change Management

Simply speaking, a fishnet is a net for catching fish. They are made from either polyethylene (resins) or nylon; polyethylene and nylon are chemicals. Polyethylenes are easily molded and are resistant to other chemicals. They can be repeatedly softened and hardened by heating and cooling, and are used for many purposes, such as making containers, tubes, and packaging. Nylon is very strong and elastic, and can be formed into fibers, sheets, or bristles. It is used to make fabrics, plastics, and molded products. Based on their material make, fishnets are classified into high density polyethylene (HDPE),  nylon monofilament, and nylon multifilament. They are transparent, invisible in water, have low drag and abrasion resistance, and high tensile strength, which means that they can be stretched and drawn out – being drawn out means they are ductile, and being ductile is the ability to be made into wire or thread. They have high knot breaking strength and a mesh size that ranges from 10mm to 2000mm based on area and method of application. 

Generally and technically speaking, fishnets can catch every fish including sharks and whales, but their abilities to do so are dependent on a number of factors – material make, design, size, and the skills of the fisherman. If you want a big catch based on quantity, there are fishnets meant for that, and if you want a catch based on body size, there are also fishnets meant for that. If you don’t go with the right material make, design, size, and skills, while in the deep sea, you will realise disappointingly, after wasting useful time, that there are fishes that nets can’t catch.

Changing Strategies

If you came up with a strategy to deal with a specific challenge, or to take advantage of a specific opportunity, and for long, that strategy has worked – the reality is that in the future, it might stop working because of either a generational shift or some other factors. When you get to this stage, it is sensible to come to the consciousness that your net will no longer have its usual catch because the world has moved on. If you insist on using the same strategy to catch the same profits, you will be forcefully thrown down the steep by your own unawareness. At this point, it’s time to redesign your net – do away with the old one, and make another one that is fit for purpose – change your strategy. In changing your strategies, you may be bereft of ideas, but the ideas don’t always have to come from you – you can pay experts to generate ideas for you. That is what big companies do – they sponsor researches, and the findings become their own babies. In your own case, you may seek ideas from trusted heads, and use their opinions as building blocks of change.

Changing Skills

If your current skills aren’t giving you the things you want, it means your net isn’t catching fishes – it’s time to upgrade yourself – you need some new skills. Don’t die an analogue – it is time to go digital. There are millions of changes taking place each day, you have to adapt to survive. If you want to be relevant, you must continually redesign your nets to catch fishes. The fishes are getting smarter and stronger – you’ll catch nothing if you don’t self-develop. Everything has gone digital, including the phones, and the television you watch at home. If you don’t redesign your mentality, one day, you’ll be shut out of the world because you won’t be able to make a call or change your TV channel – maybe then, all the children may have left home.

How about your workplace? Everything is getting computerized. These days, it’s gone beyond mere computerization – it’s come with software and applications. Your phone has become an office – it isn’t just a piece of object used for making calls and sending text messages anymore. You need to up your skills these days to be able to make a meaning to yourself and humanity. Accounting is no longer done with calculators and papers – it’s done with software packages , so it’s time to redesign your net if you want it to catch the main fishes, otherwise, you may be catching tadpoles and mosquito larvae.

New Relationships

When the friends you have aren’t helping you to where you want to be, it’s time to move on – design a new net to catch new fishes – new friends that understand your dreams and visions. When your circle of people aren’t interested in what is ahead of you, and you’re determined to reach the picture you see in your mind, step out of that circle. Sometimes, it hurts to leave your circle, but if it isn’t taking you to your place of purpose and intent, it’s pointless swimming in that stream – step out of that water before you drown – go look for another stream that’s heading in your direction, and continue your swim. This may not go down well with lots of emotional people, but I tell you the truth, if your siblings are impediments to your dream and vision, turn your back and move on. Your true brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers, are those who do the will of your dreams and visions.

Change Your Tone

In communication, the use of tone is very essential. You can send a message and not get the right response, meanwhile, another person can send the same message and get the right feedback, all because of differences in tones. Tone denotes order or subtlety, and order or subtlety determine persuasion. If you’re an individual that’s reliant on mono-tone, you have to learn to be versatile, because one tone doesn’t always work. There are times when the tone must sound like an order, and some other times, it must come with a sonorous appeal. If you’re the head, you must know when each type of tone is required, otherwise, you’ll mess up your leadership. If you’re one method toner, it’s time to redesign how you voice instructions – change your fishnet, or add different types of nets to your collection, so that the job will get done.

Changing Perception

I am one person that’s ardent on not judging people by their race, trace or grace – I judge you by who you are – your attitude, especially how you treat lower species. So, when people say black people are this or that, or white people are this or that, I will show you a million blacks and whites with the finest behaviours that the world can ever offer. How about those who think people with big sizes are bullies? I have seen countless numbers of big people who are very polite, and I have also seen a number of small size people that are dangerous bullies. Never make a conclusion until you’ve known the person, and even when you know, find out why it’s happening. I used to be given to anger easily, until bit by bit, I began to mellow – marriage and having children helped me a lot, but even besides that, I am not completely calm, because I need a bit of that fire to put some people in their places. The root of my anger was a product of how I grew up – I stormed out of an abandoned basement.

Rewriting History

In the real sense, history can never be rewritten, but there are things you can do to show you’re remorseful, such as restitution, or doing a kind of community service. If you have the money, give to charity, sponsor the education of poor kids, or be an advocate for a good cause. Don’t stick to your ugly past – change your fishnet, because there are fishes that your previous net can’t catch. Never conclude that it’s over – there are lots of things you can do to change your past – a change of attitude is one – go from bad to good, and keep growing until you become better.


Relocation does not necessarily mean moving from one town, city or country to another – it may just be taking a walk, away from where you feel stressed, and allowing yourself some fresh air, so that you can exhale, and ponder. If your current location is choking you up, take a walk – change that fishnet, because it ain’t gonna catch any valuable fish. In my book, BE AN ICON, I suggested that you go window shopping. I do a lot of window shopping even when I don’t have the money to buy – it helps my spirit a lot – it elevates me and makes me have the hope that one day, I’ll be able to buy. It also creates a picture in my mind – positive picture.

Understand that there are fishes that some nets can’t catch – when you get to that stage, instead of standing or sitting to moan, redesign your net, and move on!

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