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FIRST THING FIRST – A Message of Hope!

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The seeds in the soil that made it into plants died. They just didn’t die, they decayed, yet, they came out of the ground because they fought. Coming out of death and decadence did not mean it was the end of trouble, because they were welcome by the scorching sun, the down pouring rain, and the freezing winter. They didn’t realise as they fought their way out of isolation that they will have to endure the cutting edges of the farmers’ tools – they call it trimming. They survived. Their determination to survive made them bear fruits – it made them give food to millions of hungry people. They became part of man’s ability to inhabit this planet called earth, and because they strived, they thrived.

Every mind gets to a stage where it goes from elastic to inelastic, and just when you think you’ve had enough, it will go from inelastic to a breaking point. The conclusion by a lot of people is that a breaking point is the stage where a situation becomes irreversible – this conclusion isn’t mostly right. Where you think life ends, may be the beginning of innovation, and that is why you must always see a fresh start when a road is completely closed.

Today, throwing in the towel and resigning to fate are the quickest ways to avoid a fight. There are unseen spectators that paid to watch your match. For years, it’s been advertised on life’s invisible media with trillions of unseen viewers, and there was a boast that you could topple the reigning champion because you’ve been endowed with a potential to do so, but you cowered – you defeated yourself before the bell was rung – you threw in the towel. If only you had strived, you would have thrived.

Rather than look inside you, many times, you focused on the herculean circumstances around your dream – you look at the impossibilities, and for that, you don’t make efforts to try. You sit on the couch in the deadness of the night, and moan. You can see your dream, but what you see more of are the reasons your hands can’t reach your expectation. You keep blaming everything in history, but the blame game doesn’t do it. What will give you the result you will live to admire is when you strive – that’s the only way to thrive.

Be done making excuses. Be fed up saying why it can’t happen. Until someone believed it was possible, men thought only birds could fly in the sky. Until someone believed it was possible, men thought only aquatic creatures could travel in waters. Those who believed defied logic and nature, and wrestled them to submission. Today, they both conform, not because they wanted to, but because they were conquered by superior attitudes – only superior attitudes make the earth easy to manipulate. There’s nothing superior in thinking you’ve reached the end of the road. Even if you have, be creative, make a new road. The road on which you tread was constructed by someone, and if you’ve exhausted it, do something – build a new one.

I’m going back to where life gave me a knockout. I’m going back to the shelves where my product did not sell. I’m going back to where I was rejected, and where they said I have no hope and no future. I’m going back to the city that never loved me. I’m going back to where I fell from height because I was scared by sight. I’m going back to where I sank because I couldn’t swim. I’m going to prove a point, and to show them that when I was beaten, I didn’t lie down in defeats – my bruises and pains were my lessons. I’m going to show them that the person they beat isn’t the same person that’s here. I’m a far better fighter than I was. I’m going back to win!

If you don’t want to rot, you must look for where the dots connect. Persuade your destiny that you mean business. Convince your future that just because the tyres punctured, you won’t end the drive to its destination. Stop dreading potholes. Desist from recusing yourself from the fight that paves way for a purposeful tomorrow. No one will fight your fight. No one will write your exams of life. Pretending that there aren’t challenges doesn’t mean that there aren’t. There’s always a soundtrack when the movie of your life begin to spin round the wheel of the projector – the only person permitted to dance to that music is you, because everyone has his own music. The music isn’t always rhythmic, but you must dance – everyone is dancing to theirs, so you must dance. The only ones who don’t dance are the dead – except you want to die, so start dancing. The way you gyrate to the tune will determine your rate of survival, or even success. Those who survived or succeeded skimmed carefully through the symphony and its various undulations. If you’re a wise dancer, you win. If you’re a foolish dancer, you lose. So, be careful how you dance.

When the future was a mirage, and ablution couldn’t offer any help. When instead of having a meal, we became the meat. When all we wore were tatters and the feet sorely bare. When it became customary for rejection to be glare. When chains became ubiquitous like the sands on the seashore. We saw beyond the status quo and believed that there’s life beyond the greys. We still see; though not yet real our utopia, but what I see in the end keeps me going. Strength keeps me going – weakness keeps me going. Life keeps me going – death keeps me going. Gain keeps me going – loss keeps me going. Relief keeps me going – pains keep me going. I have never stopped – will never stop – must never stop. I will keep going. One day, I will embrace my picture, and then hand over the baton to the next athlete. Life is a race – I will run till I reach where I’m meant to stop.

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