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In my first article for 2018, I advised my readers and followers to position themselves for success, and in it, I mentioned that anyone that does not set goals is set to fail, and anyone that does, without a committed effort to make it work is also doomed to fail. After publishing the article, I felt a need to emphasise the importance of finding your lane for success in 2018. I know that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and before someone swiftly points out that in marathons, you don’t need to run in lanes, let me quickly do this explanation – all the partitioned lanes in a marathon form a single lane if the race is taking place in a stadium – and if it’s a road marathon, the roads form the lane. So you see, in a marathon, there’s a lane; if you run outside the lane, you have stupidly disqualified yourself.

Although a biochemist with a postgraduate degree, I still cannot focus my writing in biochemistry because it isn’t my lane – motivation and everything around it is my area of strength. I can say a lot of things in biochemistry ranging from advanced intermediary metabolism to genetic engineering, but it is still not my passion, and if I therefore, focus on it, I may come up with something good, but not something best. For the fact it is your line of discipline does not mean it is your line of passion. On the other hand, if you tell me to talk about leadership motivation, strategy and personal development, you will see me bubble with humongous enthusiasm, because that is my lane. To succeed in 2018, you must find your lane – if you do not, you will self-inflict unnecessary pressure upon yourself.

One of the best trainings I ever attended on presentation skills was run by a Nigerian who is a medical doctor. His parents probably convinced him to study medicine, but while in school, his mates discovered he was a great teacher, and they usually called him one, of which he didn’t fancy because teaching in Nigeria then, was like something meant for graduates that were doomed not to get better jobs. I think when he left medical school, rather than practice as a doctor, he joined Price Water House before establishing his own training organisation. Medicine was his discipline, but training and development was his passion and therefore, his lane.

Your job may not be your lane, and sometimes, it may be. Most people who excel in their careers actually made their lanes their main jobs. It is heaven on earth when you work in your area of passion, but unfortunately, many people do not discover their passions before they start working, and even if some do, due to lack of entrepreneurial skills, they don’t know how to make business out of it. To know how to discover your passion, read my previous article titled 8 Easy Ways of Identifying Your Passion. In 2018, I am also coming up with electronic and print version of a book on passion – please be on the look out, as I will duly inform you.

As it is still the early part of the year, my main concern is to make sure that every follower of my blog is on the right track, as being on track isn’t just enough because there are many people on wrong tracks – running on the wrong track or lane is a wasted dissipation of skills and energy. If you aren’t on your lane, you may get results but that result doesn’t count as a point for you – it is pointless exhibiting enthusiasm in a place you shouldn’t be in the first place. So to excel in your pursuit, you must first study the direction from the start point, and if you find you’re in the wrong competition, or in the wrong stadium where your match isn’t being played, and your teammates aren’t available, take a bow, and relocate where you should be. It’s better being a spectator where you aren’t meant to compete than being a competitor. Apart from disqualification, you may incur penalty charge for parking or running on the wrong lane. Towards the end of last year, I moved home as I needed a bigger space for the family and my little digital studio. All over London, these days, you can hardly find a free parking space, as all the local councils have ganged up to make every resident pay for residential parking permits. In my previous apartment, I was in credit as per parking permit, and since my move was just about two to three streets away, I assumed that my permit should cover my current location. The following morning after a previous day’s heavy task of moving home, while we were still unpacking, by intuition, I decided to look through the window, and I saw a parking attendant trying to issue me a penalty charge for parking on my new street. I quickly ran downstairs to challenge him, and to explain that I just moved home, and that I currently live on the street. To cut the long story short, I ended up getting two tickets in fifteen days, and I have been taken to county court to recover, what they perceive I owe them, because I refused to pay for what I think it’s injustice. When I applied for a new permit, they delayed for days before issuing it, and still slammed me with another penalty charge for what was their fault. Listen, if life can penalize you for parking or running on your lane, how about when you go off-track? To succeed in 2018, find your passion and persuasion – stop making “gangsteric” excuses why life should reward you for sacrifices you never made. In case you don’t know, as an adult, no one owes you anything – even your very father that gave birth to you owe you nothing. If I had waited for my father to pay what I think he owes me, I would have ended up an irresponsible adult, because he never bulged. From childhood, I made a decision never to wait for anybody – I found my lane and kept going on it, and it has brought me where I am today. Even at this point, I haven’t gone a quarter where I want to be, so I am still on the lane – moving, planning, acting, pursuing and envisioning. I am happy because I am on the right track, so any progress I make is in the right direction.

To conclude, I will suggest that you use the first few days or weeks of the year to ponder on where you stand; whether it’s your lane or not, and if it’s not, it isn’t too late to find your lane. No one is too old to re-track or re-lane, so don’t make excuses with old age except you’re ready to die today. Don’t give up to age. Don’t give up to years of trying without succeeding. Don’t give up to environment, with the assumption that the hinterlands are limitations to progressions. Don’t give up to bad government that doesn’t give a hoot about the people. And finally, don’t give up on yourself. You’re worth every effort. Once again, I wish you a HAPPY 2018!


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