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Don’t throw away your dream!

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Moving from dream to reality is a tedious task. Some people dream for ages until they’re no more; so, their dreams die with them. A few dream for long, and somehow, someday, it becomes reality. With majority, for one reason or the other, it appears like their dreams are mere fantasies. Because of this perception that most dreams are fantasies, many people dislike dreaming; they want to take it one day at a time; if they encounter failure, they accept it; if peradventure, a minimum success comes their way, they simply smile and accept it.

Can dreams become reality? I am an ardent believer in dreams becoming realities, although, many dreams go through unimaginable tough roads. It was Nelson Mandela’s dream to see a South Africa where every race is free. To achieve it, many lives were sacrificed; many were incarcerated including Mandela spending 27 years in jail. Did he achieve his dream? Of course yes! Was a price paid for the attainment of that dream? A huge price was paid, but the freedom that was gained will live forever. The number of lives that were lost and the minds that were tortured are incomparable to the millions and billions that will benefit from that dream, in this age and a lot more to come.

So many people had good dreams; waited for a few years and gave up because they saw nothing happen. Some world changing ideas have been dumped into the sea of abandonment and forgetfulness because there were no instant results. While in the University, my Enzymology Professor told us the story of an old student who, through scientific innovation started up, in a small way, a science-related company. His product caught the attention of a big organisation, so they began patronising him in bits and pieces. The money he was making wasn’t enough, but his business had a high potential. But because of his small mindset, when the organisation made him an employment offer, he abandoned his dream and went for it. If he had weathered the storm, my opinion is that he may have been a household name.

The tunnel between idea and actualisation is fiery; so many people dread it. The moment they push their heads into that dark tunnel, they step backward and choose to remain where everyone is. Today, in many nations, there are so many entrepreneurs, but only on paper; a large percentage of these so called entrepreneurs are copycats; they are only mimicking what the big boys are saying. Where I am crossed is that the mimic is too counterfeit. If it wasn’t, it will produce the same result like that of the big boys. The reason being that success strategies can be copied; an improper copy produces improper result. These ‘entrepreneurs’ don’t want to go through the tunnel, so they stay on the side of mediocrity; fighting and clamouring over who should be the king of the jungle.

There is an interphase that every good dream must endure before it enjoys – don’t run away because of it. There is a gestation period required to mature that dream in your heart; wait for your water to break before you deliver the vision. Withstand the tough and hard times. It is the toughness, roughness and hardness of the road that determine the quality of your vehicle. The storms will test your courage to see if you truly believe what you’ve been professing. The inferno will come with a wild flame to determine the quality of what you call gold. There may be competitions when you start, but wait for while, and see if those who tried beating you in the race will still be there. Tests and times separate boys from men. If you truly believe your dream, don’t throw it away because of hard times. Hard times assess genuineness. Running away means you weren’t genuine. Don’t run away; stay put until something good happens. Don’t throw away your dream because your dream is the future you’ve been waiting for. It’s getting tougher but refuse to dump a true destiny!






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