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Dear Mabel

Sometimes in life, its difficult to explain in words the inner impressions of your heart. Sometimes on earth, as you wake up to behold the brightness of the moon in your night season, you cannot in clear terms assign symbols to the thoughts of the crevices of your inward being. Such is the case with the impact you made in my life Mabel.

23 years ago, as I sat on the couch to tell the story of this little boy who was almost choked to death by the smoke from a woodless land, the life you breath into him made him live till date. He was abandoned; he was left to die; no one needed him. Out of desperation, he sat in frustration, looking miserable like a hyena brought out of the stormy sea. In spite of his hopeless situation, you stood to bear the pains of an orphan. You were there when the world deliberately went to bed in order to feign ignorance that they never knew that someone was at the edge of precipice. Thank you Mabel for saving another life. Thank you for standing when all decided to sit. Thank you for rescuing when others decided to rest. Thank you for saving when others decided to shave. Thank you for caring when many decided to scare.

Mabel, when I get to heaven, I will tell Papa how you stood by the doorway and told me that life is possible for everyone who believes. I will bring out the handkerchief you gave me to wipe my tears when the torment of life was about to tear me down. You words were stirrers, challenging me to get out of the doldrums of apathy and malaise. You woke up the hunger in me; you made me get angry with the comfort of being satisfied with the ordinary; my hunger gave rise to expectation. Today, I am pregnant with the vision; I’m almost nearing my due date. Though the travails of labour sometimes, seem to overshadow my expectations, but as I look back, I always remember your words of wisdom. You always told me that seeing beyond the barrier makes you go beyond the barrier. You said to me, ‘No man can stop you from reaching where you see. If it is see-able, it is possible’. Now I know, that the pain of labour is the pain of gain. I won’t feel like I’m in torment when I go through its way, because soon, I will laugh all the way.Since I know it will soon be my due date, I will push the vision until I birth it, because true visions are not born through cesarean; so, I must strive to push until I hear the new born cry. Mabel, I remember the words of my grandma. She always said that, ‘if you don’t desire it with the whole of your heart, you don’t really require it. To get it, you must die for it’. Since I’ve realised that people who are half full don’t act like they really need it because they have something to run back to, I have decided to be an empty vessel, so that I can always be filled. Some people have said I am desperate, but they never understood that I’m just hungry. Therefore, when I look back, there’s nothing to run back to; my bridge is burnt, all I see is the vision; nothing but the vision.

In conclusion Mabel, continue to be who you are. Though some may consider you to be a fool, never diminish your passion to save the dying world. In a little while, you will be rewarded for sticking to who you were made to be. Keep walking on the road of purpose; never go left or right. You were born to be a world changer!

Love you forever


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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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