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While on a public bus one day, the driver was driving so fast on top of a bridge. As we approached a curve, my expectation was that he would slow down, because that is what common sense demands. Contrary to our expectation, he kept moving on the same speed. Only through a stroke of luck, we escaped a catastrophic accident. As one of the tires tilted from its position, everyone in the vehicle screamed for help. It was a great relief to get to my bus stop, as my heart was right in my mouth.

Strategy and common sense are important factors necessary to make various approaches successful. The tactics utilized in executing a leadership style is relevant in making it outstanding, debasing, or confusing. Just like the driver in my encounter, some people, as they approach people or their targets in life, business, or career do not understand when to slow down, increase their speed, or stop. When a person does not know what to do, or doesn’t even realize that something needs to be done; innovation becomes faded until it is completely absent. Knowing how to approach, and setting the standards for how to be approached make interpersonal relationship smooth and easy running.

In communications for instance, if you approach a person using a bullish method, you may have your way for sometime, if the bullied needs your help at that point in time, but if they no longer, your approach will come back to hunt you. With this in mind, it is necessary for any approach to possess the doctrine of flexibility in order to adapt to changing circumstances.

When is it necessary to change an approach? It is necessary to change an approach;

When it is not working: not all approaches work, but in spite of that, some people are bent on following their rigid methodologies because it feeds their ego. What feeds a man’s ego may not necessarily be the best leadership style. In certain leaders, the only thing they see is themselves; they never see the led. For the fact those behind you are following does not mean that they are with you. If their hearts aren’t with you, they will abandon you when they have an equal alternative that understands their plight. So, the best decision to make in evaluating your approach is to determine how much the people are, in their freewill ready to adopt your approach. If they are willing, you don’t need to talk much before they respond to you. In many cases, they will come up with unbelievable ideas if you treat them like humans rather than machines.

When it is monotonous: doing one thing day in day out is boring. If your approach is monotonous, look for more exciting ways of doing it. This is essential in jobs or assignments that have rigid natures. If you can’t change the approach, change the environment.

Changing the environment may be something like playing music as the people carry out their tasks, redecorating the room, or anything that may have a refreshing impact in your mind and that of those with you. The ability to kill boredom in an approach is a strong desire in the minds of the led.

When it is dated: believe me, some approaches are dated, but for one reason or the other, people who find it difficult or too expensive to embrace change prefer to stick with the old. Most often, old is boring. Old, doesn’t mean age, it means, the flexibility of the mind.

Discard dated approaches, no matter how much you spent acquiring and installing it. If you don’t, the world is happy to move on without you.

When it is overcrowded: one thing that you will realize is that if a person comes up with an innovation, sooner or later, if that innovation is easy to imitate or clone, most people will start copying it. Bit by bit, that innovation will become overcrowded to the extent that it will lose its original spark. If you aren’t at the edge of creativity, you will get stuck with an overcrowded ideology, and maybe, soon evaporate into the wide cloud.

It is expedient for you to change your approach when everyone makes the status quo their resting place. As you come up with an idea, continuously look for ways to improve on what you already have, so that the moment strategy thieves begin to show up, you are already miles ahead. If you don’t, you will be competing with those who feed on your hard earned original creativity.

You need a cutting edge mentality to deal with the marketplace and leadership. Without that, you will be stationary and on the long run, obsolete. I don’t want you to be obsolete, so, change your approach!



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