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It was December 2019 And the sun made us remember We looked at the number And were thankful for all that hunger What we didn’t see was the anger We thought it would only be China Smiling away like we were unreachable from its hammer Until the storm came with thunder We locked ourselves in our corners Believing that when we hide under our warmers It’ll bolt away like a runner But it came back like a toddler Who forgot its toy on our sofa The counts are getting higher Each day, a home loses a number Because someone goes into eternal slumber But the rulers are gamblers Selfishness is their charmer On the screens they are liars They guide us to the slaughterer Still saying they’re our carers

When people don’t like you, sometimes, somehow, you look inwards to do a soul-search, and to see if you’ve done anything wrong, so that you can make amends. If you aren’t careful, you’d become so critical of yourself to the extent of being so self-negative. Sometimes, when you search within and evaluate yourself, you can’t really see anything that should make a rational human being hate you. At this point, you must understand that ‘when people hate you, you’re not always wrong. They just can’t stand you being right.’ Being right upsets some people. Being truthful and wisely honest irritate some people. They just want you to be in their corner, even when they’re conspicuously wrong. Don’t give in to them, and don’t give up on your values. Stand up and be counted, and even if they don’t count you, keep standing!

No one will buy a theoretical product because it is only in the imaginary world. I can’t buy a dream; you can’t buy a dream. If the computer was a dream, it will not sell on the shop floor. If cars were dreams, they won’t be driven on any road. If ships were dreams, they won’t sail on the sea. There is a time to stop dreaming and start acting.  One beautiful HEART is far greater than a million beautiful BODIES. You must feed your dream until it has enough cash to feed itself. You must push your dream until it has enough momentum to push itself. You must drive your dream until it has enough fuel to drive itself. If you think mere dreaming will trigger success, you haven’t come to the consciousness, how much it costs to live your dream. Prove you have a tomorrow by defying all…