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There are certain words we use so often, and within our imaginations, we conclude that we know its meaning in-depth, until somehow, one day, we decide to look into the dictionary and to our amazement, we realize that for years, we’ve only had a peripheral understanding of its true meaning. In 2012, I was writing a book (yet to be published) whose title is centered on Brand. For long, I had my own definition of brand, until I began to look into the etymology of the word. Then I discovered that the word ‘brand’ is a Germanic language, meaning fire or flame; in other words, branding means taking something through the fire or flame. At least, that is the original meaning of branding!

With that understanding in mind, it is obvious that any product or service that hasn’t gone through the test of flame cannot endure the test of time. If you buy raw meat, to make it palatable, you refrigerate it, cook it, or grill it. Whether cooling, cooking, or grilling, each stage requires fire. The fire may not be visible, but the electricity that powers the refrigerator is potential fire. Without the fire, it will collapse when it encounters the least challenge. Many so called products and services that haven’t been thoroughly worked on, may look fanciful, but when taken through value test, expose their weaknesses on their own accord. I have seen many beautiful products that aren’t fit for purpose because their designers were too much in a hurry to hit the stage.

Gold is valuable, not because of its lustrous characteristics, because there are many inferior metals or alloys that are also lustrous, but because if its innate ability to withstand pressure; whether personal, product or service branding, the ability to stand tall in the storm is what makes you different from the packs on the shelf. So many products, services, or even personalities were hurried into the shelf, unprepared for the impasse ahead. So, when the quagmire hits them in the face, they go blind or crumble.

When I address the issue of waiting, I am not of the opinion that every brand begins with perfection, because I know that some product values grow on the go. Most of the technologies we have today didn’t reach their current statuses when they were initially introduced into the market; over the years, they underwent redevelopments, and even till now, no sensible company will joke with its  research and development department, except it has prepared itself for suicide. Every brand must be ready for change and improvement if it really wants to have a competitive edge in an ever vibrant and dynamic world.

Talking about redevelopment, there is an online invoice I use. It is one of the best online invoices I have ever used because it makes provision for most features that aren’t seen in other invoices. It is called integrity invoice. In my lay man’s opinion, everything was fine with it, but the organization that designed it wanted more, in order to be on top of the game. They took a second shot at the redevelopment of the invoice, and came up with an unbelievable wow! They improved the features, and added more to it, and then raised it to a level of top four in the world. If you visit, you will see what I am talking about.

For a brand to be enduring, it must have the ability to withstand the flames of the marketplace. This comes by spending quality time on the product or service, and again, adding valuable and uncommon features into it, so as to make it stand taller than its competitors when they are all lined up on the shelf waiting for public scrutiny.

Remember, you aren’t the one that will score your brand a hundred percent; it is the public. To make the potential consumers buy your offering; you must do all you can to build an enduring brand. There isn’t any reason to rush into the market, if the meat isn’t grilled to a healthy level. Let the food get done before you open the restaurant for the day’s business. Don’t keep customer’s waiting while you perfect your offering. At least, your offering should be able to solve a problem, not be a problem. If it solves a problem, customers will be willing to wait until you add more features to it, but if it becomes a problem, people will run away.  Build an enduring brand, and you will succeed, no matter how long it takes.




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