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Beware of a rifle in a trifle

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Obtaining a title for a write-up comes by inspiration; putting the bits and pieces together also does. It is so easy to put a write-up together when you’re fired up by all positive agents of inspiration. In certain situations, you assume  that a good title equals an easy flow in writing. At this juncture, I have been frustrated many times. I got the title, ‘Rifle in a Trifle’ while reading the Book of Proverbs. I was excited about it because from my little experience, I understand the relevance of having a catchy title for an article or a book. I had a good idea of what to write, but got stuck. My assumption that a good idea means an easy delivery almost put me in a limbo. I struggled to write the first paragraph; after that, I completely ran out of steam. Waking up one morning, I did my usual devotion and was about reflecting on certain issues when I was inspired to go back to the topic.

Sometimes in life, we want to move but the wheels for the will are not available. Sometimes in life, we want to fly but the wings for the wind are not available. We easily give up when it appears like life is not providing the resources for the meal sauces. Giving up when the atmosphere looks dry is a supposition that it will always remain dry. I believe in faith; there is something called faith. I believe that faith produces the oil of growth when the roots of the plants have been completely cut off. I believe that taking a step further to fulfil our dreams in spite of the dead ends; will release the unseen engineers of life to construct new roads. Constructing new roads gives you new hope for the vision.

If you stand firm on a vision, it can become a reality. It is tough standing because there are people who are sitting beside you with hammers on their hands. These people are ready to keep knocking your feet with the hard metals of frustration until you either walk away from your dream or join them on their indolent round table. The indolent come with a trifle but in it is a rifle. Some people hide behind a trifle, take the ‘T’ off and then use the rifle. As trivial as trifle may be defined, it does ruffle. The stray bullet was a trifle but it came from a rifle. The silent whisper was a trifle but caused a ruffle. The little flame was a trifle but consumed a large forest in Australia. A man’s ego begins with triviality but ends in the unexpected and unsuspected. Man’s insensitivity to man is growing day by day. Man’s self centeredness and greed expand without limit. People do anything to get anything, yet they call it survival of the fittest. The determination by certain people to pursue their dreams, sometimes, has been clearly misunderstood. Instead of a genuine pursuit, it becomes a contest. Like every contest, competition ensues; like every unhealthy competition, bitterness congeals.

If you pay attention to the sitters, you will become a sitter. If you listen to the trifle, you will be hit by the subtle triviality that comes from the rifle. Move faraway to the height where a conventional attitude cannot deter your altitude. The higher you climb, the farther you are away from those whose lips release the catabolic symbols of retardation. If the cartilaginous parts of your ears are reversed to the opposite direction, you will continue to hear the opposites that oppose a progressive movement. On the other hand, if you choose to hear the words that motivate you; you will advance to a place of purpose actualisation.

When they come with the trifle, understand that they may have a rifle. Before they show the rifle, guard yourself with the armoury that defends your vision. Understand that the man whose trifle has a rifle is out to shoot your future by killing your vision. Don’t be fooled by their trifles; they’ve got rifles. Don’t be stopped by their trifles; they want to ruffle. If you can’t be ruffled, you may go on a rough road galloping but still progressing. Do you want to pause the progression because of some people’s regressions? Do you correlate with stagnancy in order to be generally accepted? Realise that the base of mediocrity is thick; you can get lost in its mixed multitude. Get up today and run with your vision; you will get to your destination hail and hearty. Forget the man with the trifle; he will end his life with his rifle.



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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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