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While in Secondary School (High School), I had a classmate who also lived in my neighbourhood. Our ambitions were to become medical doctors, as that was the profession in vogue especially among the old schools. Those days, we all thought that to be successful, you must be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. I guess we were ignorant of the true meaning of success.

My friend and I read together almost daily. Because of our interest in studying medicine, we embraced the hardcore science subjects; Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics; then, we were in our third year.

One day while studying, my good friend made a determined statement; he said, ‘I will keep studying sciences, even if I fail, I will never abandon sciences’.  His statement challenged me immensely; I was so inspired by it that I also resolved to work extremely hard in order to fulfil my ambition of becoming a medical doctor. After the third term examination, we went on holidays; I didn’t see him all through the break period. When we resumed our fourth year, I was shocked to see him in economics-related class. I asked, ‘What are you doing there?’ His response was a mischievous smile that sent the message of an undetermined man. He inspired me by his words, but he wasn’t strong enough to live by his words. Although, I’m not a medical doctor, but I did my best to become one by scoring A’s in most of the science subjects.

Why did I use the illustration? Many a time, we say what we want to do, but never do them because we lack the mental strength to live our words. In the hard course of pursuing my dreams, I have encountered many people that want to do the same; I have also gone beyond the call of duty to help motivate or assist some of them, but after a few weeks, they fizzle out. The tough talking, perceivably determined person, in just a matter of days begins to make irritating excuses. No wonder the apex of the pyramid is scanty! It is scanty because most of the people at the base or middle of the pyramid are either comfortable with where they are, or are too weak to pay the price of climbing to the top. They have dreams, but can’t become their dreams because the tangibility of any dream is only made visible by those who keep awake to work earnestly and endlessly until the change they admire becomes manifest.

Dream without aggressive action is wasted imagination. The design of the future must be built on action. The television was someone’s dream; it would have remained a dream if the one who imagined it didn’t take action. The aeroplane was a dream; if the dreamer hadn’t acted, we would be flying on mere dream. William Shakespeare had the dream of writing some fantastic literary books; he achieved his dream, and today, we read his books. If he had left his dream on the imaginary, would we be reading dreams? There is a stage to stop dreaming and start acting. When you finish the act, then you’re justified to dream again. Those who keep dreaming without acting need to be woken up from the sleep of death. Action-less dreamers are problems to the world, since they take from the world but never make input. Truly, they may have bought what they took, but if everyone had decided to buy and not create, who would design the pieces of papers or metal coins they used in making payments? It’s time to action your imagination. It’s time to move from the ideal to the real. Back up that dream with resolute action.  Stop talking; start acting.

Action built the edifice; the foundation was not laid by utters. You have so much possibility inside you – how else can you find it except by getting up to do the talk?  For years you have planned, it’s time to build the plan. I have never seen anyone live inside a blueprint; step out of the plan and run the mileage you promised years ago. Leave the legacy of a finisher; leave the footprint of someone that will be remembered for the doing, not the dreaming.  Dream less; act more. Back it up with actions!




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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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  1. Pretty Princess Mkandla

    Wow! Very inspiring and motivational. Thank you and God bless. Enough of talking and let execution begin!

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