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It is great for everyone to be visionary, because that is the only way that everyone can do something outstanding, live outstandingly, and make impacts in the lives of people, communities and societies at large. On this premise, people with leadership mindsets do the best they can to encourage those with or without potentials to wake up and do something that enhances values, or adds values to humanities.

What begins a vision is called ideas. The buzz that follows this great imagination is inundating. Anytime the seed of a great vision is handed over to you through the process of idea generation, your mind becomes overwhelmed. The excitement that bubbles through the entirety of your soul is unexplainable, and with clear cut keenness, you can see where your vision is taking you. With that in mind, you set out sporadically to accomplish what you see in the inner recesses of your heart, until, somehow, somewhere; you begin to encounter the many odds that accompany every great vision. These odds come in different styles, shapes and sizes. Most times, the more you try to beat these odds, the more it appears like they are too obdurate to leave you in peace. At this junction, there is the sieving of boys from men. At this junction, it becomes crystal clear, those that will go ahead to rule their generations. In honesty, I must tell you that from the millions of those that set out on this marathon, only a few hundreds come out as winners, while the larger percentage become victims.

At what point of a vision does one really get frustrated, and many pack up; at what junction do visions become illusion?

Many times, I have seen people with pure and sheer determination to excel in their areas of desire. For some time, they fight and gear towards their expectations. After some time of not seeing results, gradually, they begin to fade out, until they completely exit the scene.

The major challenge of visionaries is finance, especially start-ups. Any start-up that does not have external funding will get to the point of catastrophe. For many visionaries at this level, especially when the individual is beginning to be known, although, has not started making sales that should keep him and business going, it is worse. It is worse because, the ego of getting a part time or maybe, night job side-by-side the vision becomes a difficult decision to make. As a result of this, many visionaries suffer. They plunge their families into a bottomless pit, if they have one. If they don’t, they delay their own progress because without cash, a vision will remain in isolation. A vision that is isolated is unknown, and if unknown, cannot be admired or patronised.

Rather than do something to help their visions, some visionaries revel in dreams without substance, waiting for the day that mother luck will smile on them, and someone from nowhere will put millions in their hands, and make things happen. Even if this may be possible, what is the percentage probability? Even if the percentage is high, do you abandon your dream until the time, someone from the land of illusion come to rescue you financially?

What I usually tell people is this, ‘A vision is like a baby; you feed it to maturity stage before it starts feeding you.’ To feed it, you must sometimes do the job you don’t like in order to get the money you like, to nurture your passion. If you are always waiting for what you like, you may not have the resources to steer your vision through the days of emptiness and nothing. This is where many visionaries miss it. They aren’t ready to bear the shame of doing something less than their status for the purpose of raising the required fund to push their babies through the age of infancy to adulthood. Because they don’t want to do this, they wait until they get frustrated.

Another issue I have discovered is that some people, in a bid to do what they don’t like in order to get the money needed to promote their visions, get stuck. Step into what you don’t like, with a goal in mind; to get the money for your vision. Let that objectivity be the hub of everything you do. If it doesn’t become the crux of what you’re doing, you will get confused, and probably, get lost.

If you have to be a cleaner to generate money for your dream, please do it. The cleaning job does not define you; it is your vision that is your defining factor. If you are too egocentric to go out and mop that floor, so that you can raise the money to pay for the design of that vision, I will question your true love for your passion!


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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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