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In Horsham, United Kingdom, I met a young Nigerian being introduced to market research. He appeared very disinterested, so I asked him why? He said it wasn’t his passion, and that he was only there just to make a living since he couldn’t find another job. His countenance and murmuring were irritating to me because in my own thinking, I felt he could build a career in the profession if he decides to take it to another level. In the course of our interaction, he made a heart rending statement; he said, ‘My problem is that I don’t know who I am. I need to know who I am’. As he said that, I took a deep breath and looked closely at him; he had no clue what went through my mind. A couple of weeks before that discussion, I woke up in the deadness of the night to do a soul search. In that soul search, I made a decision to be honest with myself. I asked myself a couple of questions; why I’m I here and what I’m I doing on earth? I went further to ask the reason for my creation? After the self evaluation, I made a decision to work and walk in line with my inner hunger and desire rather than living another man’s life. In the course of searching for who I am, and what I was created to be, I realised that every man was created to fulfil an assignment on earth; every position, product, service etc was made to answer a specific question on earth. That answer is the intention for creation; that intention is called purpose. The man who designed the computer had one thing in mind; a system that will have a memory and capacity to operate in dimensions that will alleviate the problems of man. This one thing he had in mind is called purpose. Today, the computer does exactly what was its original intention is. In the same vein, when the telephone was discovered, the designer also had one thing in mind; to make calls. In spite of the number of decades that have passed, the telephone still fulfils its primary assignment. That primary assignment once again is called purpose.

When job vacancies are published in newspapers or magazines, the recruiters usually include job descriptions. These job descriptions spell out the responsibilities of whoever will be hired for the position. So, the reason for wanting to fill a vacancy in an organisation had a purpose; the job description. No employer with a business or entrepreneurial mentality will offer a position to someone, and then begin to look for what the person will do. If there was no intention before hiring, there may never be an intention after hiring.

What is purpose? Purpose is an aim, goal, intention, or the reason for which something exists or is done. People usually say that where there is no purpose, abuse is inevitable. So, are you a purpose driven person?

Beginning with leadership, we’ve had lots of people lead various nations from day to day. If some nations were to be humans, they would have passed retirement age, yet, they are still considered to be developing rather than developed. It is pitiable for someone heading towards retirement to have virtually not much to show for a lifetime career. Why have we had leadership issues up till now? The simple answer is that most of the people that have led us never really knew the reason for leading; they had no purpose for the nation; they were never purpose driven. Any purpose driven leader always has a positive intention for the led. Those who are not purpose driven can’t even recite their manifestoes except by reading them from printed papers. If a leader cannot at a go say what he’s determined to do for a nation and her people, he seriously, doesn’t want to do anything. When a man without purpose gets to a place of enormous resources, he becomes confused what to do with the money. If he hasn’t got a plan, the next thing he does is to embezzle. To a man of purpose, no resources are too much because there’s always a developmental plan ahead of incoming funds. Leadership can only get better when there are purpose driven people in power.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to visit the websites of some book distribution companies in Africa, as I had the intention of selling some of my books at home. To my dismay, many haven’t got websites, and the few that had, only a small percentage of them were accessible. So, I decided to call; luckily for me, three of the companies picked up their calls. I told them my intention, and they all gave me email addresses to write to them. Among the three I emailed, only one that was an American owned organisation responded. This indifferent attitude to someone who was bringing business for them to do shocked me. I began to wonder if they have visionary mindsets, because anyone or organisation with a visionary mindset will be purpose driven. It’s so easy for someone to blame the government for their misdemeanour but most people hardly look at the private sector to x-ray their performances and responses. Everything written or aired by most media is politically inclined; everyone is telling you what should and shouldn’t be done, but no one is telling you how to do it. If our businesses and enterprises must do well, we must be purpose driven; otherwise, in decades to come, if care isn’t taken, we will be overtaken by those that were far behind us. Our entrepreneurial mindsets must change for good, if we must get there. The world is heading there, but are we among those moving towards that destination of excellence? We can’t reach it with our present mentality; we’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee because it is day break.

In families, education, social life, careers and professions etc, there is the need to be purpose driven. Why should a student study a discipline that has no bearing with his life? Why should courses unconnected with a discipline form part of the curriculum? It is simply a waste of time and energy! No one can call for focus when there is no purpose. Anything unconnected with purpose causes distractions. Many times, our children have been distracted from their callings because parents wanted them to become what in their nature, is unbecomable. When they try to become what they shouldn’t become, they end up wearing another person’s image. You can only be best in your own image; you can only be creative in your own image. Anything you make in another man’s image belongs to the image owner; you’ll just be a counterfeit. If your purpose is to be a teacher, please be a teacher, and make the most of it. If you want to be an outstanding teacher, know your subject very well and write an excellent book on it, and see if you won’t make millions more than those in oil companies. Never try to be them; be you. You are a purpose; you are an aim; you were made to be an intention; you are a reason for the existence of the world. Focus on your purpose, and you’ll make it. Stand up, and be purpose driven.


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