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It is often a general belief that nature has superiority over any non-living existence on earth. Good or bad, nature either gets the accolade or gets blamed for many incidents and accidents that happen in the world. When we see the beauty of the sea, and how the colour of the sky reflects on its surface, we praise nature. When the same sea rumbles and quakes, and then come up with devastating tsunami, we all get irritated with nature. Nature is so powerful. Nature is so sensible. Nature is sometimes senseless!

In spite of the power of nature, man has somehow, learnt how to trick it, tweak it, or tame it. Underwater oil exploration for instance is part of man’s ability to trick, tweak or tame nature. The ability of the airplanes to fly in the sky without a solid road up there is also part of man’s superiority over nature. On many dimensions, man has proven that despite the intimidating cacophonies of nature, he can, through subtle imaginations and dexterity, be able to manage her to his own advantage.

One platform that man has taken the shine off nature is branding. In a previous article, I have mentioned that branding is a Germanic word, with its original meaning as fire. Fire has the ability to refine, cook, roast, or burn. In branding, you refine, cook, roast, or burn off undesirable parts of the product or service in order to give it an appealing appearance or characteristics. This appearance or characteristics become impressed on the minds of consumers or potential consumers. The impression creates an intention to buy. When the pressure on the impress increases daily, through rigorous promotions, the psychology of the consumer readjusts to see one thing; the product!

Before the advent of Apple brand, apple was simply a fruit. In those days, if you mentioned apple, what came first into the mind is the picture of the fruit. But today, man, through his undying desire to impose his superiority has changed the paradigm – even children see IPod, IPhone, and IPad when apple is mentioned. Same goes with O2. As a trained Biochemist, I know that O2 is the symbol of oxygen. Today, in the streets of major world cities, O2 is simply a mobile phone service provider. Why? Because man has the power, through the design he sees in his mind, to impose his expectation on earth.

When I picked the brand name of my blog, Success Inks, some of my folks were skeptical, because they felt people may mistake it for someone selling pen inks. But my determination is to impose my expectation on the word, and then push the ordinary ink to second position. It will take an unusual hard work to achieve it, but as a visionary person, that is what I intend to do.

One of the social media whose name is a bit difficult for me to pronounce is LinkedIn. Sometimes, I wonder why such a combination of words should be used. There is awkwardness in the twist of tongues within the region of ‘edin’ in the name LinkedIn, but the proponents of the site were ready to push the brand, and believe me, that region of awkwardness is the unique selling point of the brand. The reason it is, is because I have heard different people pronounce it in different ways, but all coming to the same brand – LinkedIn!

Branding involves a herculean task, but visionaries that are ready for the fight always win if they are consistent and creative in their thinking. Creativity, because, there is no single methodology for promoting an offering; you’ve got to be tactical, strategic and innovative. You also have to look at the dynamics of events in order to adapt to changing circumstances. To do this, your inner and outer five senses must be alert, because it is a competitive world. This alertness must go beyond academic and professional reasoning; it must be transformational. Transformation is not a textbook theory; it is your ability to joggle what is existent and non-existent, so that you can come up with ideas that are brave and pave. The ones that pave have arrow heads that cut through the rocks that stand between your offering and its acceptance. If the quality is good, and the brand meets a need, your consistency will make it reach its peak.

Apple brand Apple fruit; you can push nature to second position if you insist on being the first. Do you have what it takes? I hope you do!




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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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