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If the world was to rely on many people, we would still be in stone ages – we wouldn’t have the television, telephones, internet technology, social media, automobiles, all the healthcare facilities that make life far more comfortable. Why? Because they question nothing, probe nothing – they only conform to the status quo – they line up behind propriety, and reprimand everyone who asks questions, or probes things to find out what they are, why they are, and how they are.

When I see biologists go under water to look into the beautiful world that exists therein, I realise that if everyone had feared drowning, we wouldn’t have been privileged to witness that other geography that adds glamour to creativity.

When I fly, I cogitate on how a massive weight in airplanes balances itself in another world up there and runs at speeds beyond the reflexes of the blinking of the eyes.

As a little child, the first time I remember watching TV, I thought people were packed into the small box, and I perpended on how those on it were able to fit into the little frame. To me, it was impossible. Imagine if all men had reasoned like me, we wouldn’t be able to watch movies or other films that entertain or educate us.

If Martin Luther didn’t question the Catholic Church, or if his name sake didn’t stand up for civil rights in America, the protestant church wouldn’t be born nor the foundation of the freedom of the blacks laid. That’s why I rumble within when the oppressed cower in the face of bullies.

A bit of a rebel is a bit of a roadmap to innovation

When environmentalists began to show images of climate change and environmental pollutions, many people called it fake news, but people like Elon Musk stood up and founded Tesla; a car that uses electricity. When retails were confined to physical stores, a man called Jeff Bezos questioned the parameters, and came up with Amazon. When coronavirus began to ravage humanity, while others isolated, scientists were in laboratories looking for solutions; Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca have recently come up with vaccines with potencies between 70-95%. If they had obeyed the system, believed the system, conformed to the system, they wouldn’t be innovative.

One caveat I disdain is when people, out of pusillanimity or wimpiness, tell me to toe the lines, especially when those dashes are sketched to put one under subjective limitations or designed to make one voiceless. I hate boundaries. I want to fly. I want to climb the impossible heights, and reach places ordinary people can’t access.

When SpaceShipTwo crashed in the Mojave Desert in California, Carolynne Campbell-Knight in subtlety said to Richard Branson and his team, “They should stop, give up, go away and do something they might be good at like selling mobile phones – they should stay out of the space business.” Defiant Richard refused to be put down. He’s working to perfect the project. That’s a man that does not respect the status quo. Little wonder he’s succeeding in business.

People who have taken alternative roads, come up with unusual answers

A bit of a rebel is a bit of a roadmap to innovation. People who have taken alternative roads, mostly come up with unusual answers to pressing questions. That’s why it’s wrong to judge a person entirely through our own lenses; our binoculars may feel strongest or the best, but that’s only for as much as our eyes can see. There are people who see farther than us, in spite of how sharp our sights might seem to us. We must recognise that fact and understand that where our limitations are is where another person’s strength begins.








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