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Sitting at the VIP corner of a social event, with deep intent, I began to study, analyse, and interact with my environment. That night, nothing that happened went unnoticed, as I clearly opened my eyes to see, and ears to hear; I observed from fashion to rupture. Rupture, because some of the things I saw made me almost throw up. I don’t want to dabble into that, because as a writer, some people are quick to judge me especially when I use some mild critical illustrations that are female related. For that, I get a barrage of sarcastic innuendos from those that think I am a male chauvinist.

What I am about to talk about isn’t female related; it isn’t like a title I published a few weeks ago with the caption, ‘Must You Wear It?’ Some women didn’t find it funny because I used the illustration of a woman that wore a pair of shoes, too high for any reasonable human being to walk on. This is about humour, and the person in this article definitely didn’t have one.

With my eyes fixed on the stage, busy listening to the pair of people anchoring the show; I heard the voice of a woman say, ‘take and read. It is very funny’. When I turned, I saw her stretching her hand towards me, handing her phone over to me. I took the phone and looked into it. It was a message on WhatsApp which was sent to her by a friend. I read it, immediately caught the joke and started laughing!

Then, she took the phone from me, and handed it over to someone beside her. He collected it with a motionless face, read it motionlessly, and handed it back to her without any trace of smile. In my heart, I shook like tremor, and said to myself, ‘what kind of a person is this?’

Before you make a hasty conclusion of judging me, let me quickly point out that I understand that what is funny to one, may not be to another. But the point is that some people have no sense of humour, neither do they have the sense of responding to one. Everything they do is covered with the attitude of being too serious with life. Due to this, they have no life outside issues of seriousness. What they need to realise is that life is incomplete without humour. Humour was created to rejuvenate life; without it, man ages into early grave.

Why is it either important to be humorous or at least be able to respond to one? When I was in secondary school, an incident occurred. In those days, in my country, the senior students were given the privilege of upholding discipline in schools; so, the opportunity to reprimand junior students was offered to the senior boys and girls. As junior students, we always dreamed of the day we’ll become seniors, so that we can show off that advantage we have over the younger ones. Let me add that on most occasions, that opportunity was mainly abused.

When I was promoted to year ten (class four), I was eager to use my long awaited privilege. On the first week of the new session, I saw one year eight (class two) student and decided to order him to do something, unknown to me that he was a younger brother to the senior prefect of the school. He refused my instructions, and so, I decided to punish him. I hadn’t gone midway into my endeavour when I saw the senior prefect and other prefects coming to devour me. I was scared to my bones, and was trembling like a bird brought out of frozen waters.

When all of them descended on me, I started calling for my mother that was never a staff of the school, neither was she even present. Finally, when they let me go, I took a foolish decision by going to report them to the Assistant Head Teacher (Vice Principal), because they lied that I was trying to rob the boy of his money. As there was no witness, I was further thrown into boiling water. So, I moved from frozen to boiling water, since the Assistant Head Teacher said the school was going to suspend me.

That night, my mum rained all sorts of abuses on me for being stupid. I just couldn’t sleep. If anyone had told me that night that I will be able to laugh due to someone’s humour, I would have insulted that person. But surprisingly, in spite of my situation, I laughed aloud while watching an episode of Benny Hill Show. Benny Hill is crazily humorous. I responded to Benny Hill’s humour despite the danger of facing a potential suspension from school. And do you know what? On the long run, the truth surfaced!

One of the advantages of humour is that it relieves you from mental stress. When you’re stressed, go for humour; it is the best counsellor for a troubled mind.

Another importance of humour is that it keeps you healthy. According to King Solomon, a cheerful heart is good medicine. Humour makes the heart cheerful; therefore, humour is good medicine. Nothing heals like a happy mind; nothing heals like a cheerful soul.

Take it or leave it, humour improves relationship with people. A husband that is humorous will have a better relationship with the wife. An employee that is humorous will have a better relationship with his bosses and colleagues.

Humour averts conflicts. Imagine a fracas about to ensue; if one or more of the people involved bring in humour, the tension will be doused.

A task or assignment is easily and speedily achieved in an atmosphere of humour. No matter how herculean that task may be, the team wouldn’t know when the job is done, because someone kept them laughing while working.

A humorous heart is a beautiful face. When the mind is at peace, the nerves will be calm. When the nerves are calm, true beauty emerges.

Be humorous!




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