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A driver was on the highway doing the recommended speed. Suddenly, a car he considered inferior to his overtook him. He got angry, pressed the accelerator harder and decided to compete with the other driver. The conclusion is that he crashed. Thankfully, it was not fatal.

There are two close friends. One is a thrifty spender; he prefers putting money into his children’s education and for that, they are really excelling in school. The other doesn’t really care about spending too much on school things as he felt everything was already provided by the government; he prefers living flamboyantly – he organizes expensive parties and holiday getaways to show the world that he’s arrived. One day, the frugal spender took his eyes off his conviction, and decided for a while to compete – he ended up being indebted.

The above illustrations are mere fictions, but seriously, these things and worse things do happen when people lose their focuses just to be like the Joneses. There are innumerable benefits of looking inwards and concentrating on your vision and conviction. Focus isn’t magical; it doesn’t immediately begin to rain dollars and pounds, but the unprintable cash you get from it are far beyond what the tongue can count. Below, I have enumerated a few things that looking inwards can do for you.

1. It makes you see your true identity: without looking inwards, you won’t know who you are. Many people don’t actually know who they are because they’re lost copying another person’s identity. We laugh at people when they physically want to look like Elvis Presley, or one of those celebrities, dead or alive, but unknown to us that in our other actions, especially when it comes to making very important life decisions, we do the same things we accuse others of doing – becoming fake images of other people. If you look inwards, you will see your true self, work on your true self and become the real you. You’re better being you.

2. It makes you believe in yourself: if you’ve never heard your recorded voice, try doing one and hear how you sound to yourself. The first time I heard my recorded voice, I didn’t like it because I sounded too dull. But time after time, as I kept hearing myself more and more, I began getting used to myself, and now, I like it – and don’t give a damn if others don’t.

Your first sight of your image will annoy you, and I will tell you why. Every image comes raw – raw means unprocessed just like raw gold. Your imagination comes processed, but the real deal isn’t. The first time you see the real deal, you get irritated because that wasn’t your expectation. But when you begin to work on the real deal, you will see how beautiful it is. Every beauty is covered with ruggedness. Looking inwards tells you that there’s work to be done, and after the work comes the shine. It is your belief that makes you work on your raw state.

3. Your abilities are reborn: to the prodigal, the greener pastures lie in the wild. As he steps into the wild where there is neither structure nor rigor, he loses his abilities because there aren’t rules to maintain it. Looking outside to compete where you have no abilities is wasteful. Focus on your strength and manage your weakness. If your strength is baking, stop faking to do painting. When you look inwards, your unusual abilities to bake will get stronger and stronger. Your inner potentials are reborn when you look inwards.

4. It helps you kill your fears: when you get bolder you get better. The first way to get bolder is to be self confident. To be self confident, you must see who you are with your inner eyes. Your inner image getting bigger and brighter gives you the audacity to face the world without fears.

5. You stop man-worship: appreciating people’s gifts and talents is awesome because it shows you value their skills and qualities. What isn’t awesome is when you lose your self worth because you feel someone is better than you. Seeing other people ahead and always seeing yourself behind even before the start of the race will take you nowhere but the bottom. Don’t weep or moan when you find yourself beneath everyone all the time because that was what you made it to be with your mentality. Stop man worship – look inwards and focus on your abilities. Build it step by step, and in a while, you’ll be up the highest level where your hard work will be celebrated.

6. You become difficult to manipulate: people who don’t know who they are, are cheap nuts easily screwed until they wear out and get abandoned. If you fancy outside more than your inside, you’ll mistake clay for gold, and when you see gold, you’ll think it’s clay. Some people have been sold dummies because they saw the “flashy” and assumed it was the real thing. They bought it because someone came with top class hired vehicle which they thought was theirs. Those who look inwards are not moved by mere ambience – they look critically to ascertain what they see outside – they easily identify originality and can differentiate it from the fake. There are so many fake things out there – fake relationships, fake businesses, fake lives, fake talents. Most of these fakes are so cosmetic that until you touch them, you won’t know they’re imitations. Even when you touch, you’ve got to be skilled to know that what appears genuine isn’t actually real. These days, there are fake boobs and butts; when you see a woman in the street, be careful what you fall for, because you may just be falling for mere plastic pebbles packaged as mammary glands. The eyes and feelings can mislead when a person doesn’t look beyond the external vision to focus on the inner one.

7. You see what transcends the physical: the world is bigger than what the ordinary eyes see – your eyes can’t see everything that inhabits the world, so be careful how you act like you own this planet. If you don’t accept what I just said, please tell me the day you saw a bacterium if it hadn’t been with the aid of a microscope. Okay, please tell me the day you saw air even if you feel it. We must tread with caution as we inhabit this space called earth we brought nothing, we take nothing away.

We must also realize that beyond this space, there’s a spiritual dimension. Some people think death is the end of existence – I am sorry to disappoint you – it is just the beginning. The way you live here determines the way you live there. Therefore, be humble – stop being larger than life. Respect people, not money or affluence. Do the best you can for God and humanity. Help the poor where and when you can. If you can’t, don’t talk down on them. One day, we will all be accountable for the lives we led here. That is it!

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