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The easiest way to describe a goal is to use football as illustration. In a football game, there are goal posts, which are the target points, and there’s a ball. The drive of everyone on the pitch is to kick that ball into the net – the moment the ball goes into that net; a goal is scored. No matter how much ball possessions you have, or how much attempt you make on target, if the ball doesn’t go into the net, you do not score – no goal is achieved.

To score a goal, there are five steps to follow – these are five steps to success in life. These steps can basically be applied in all hemispheres of life.


Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania says: “Talent—when I use the word, I mean it as the rate at which you get better with effort. The rate at which you get better at soccer is your soccer talent. The rate at which you get better at math is your math talent. You know, given that you are putting forth a certain amount of effort. And I absolutely believe—and not everyone does, but I think most people do—that there are differences in talent among us: that we are not all equally talented.” But the Business Dictionary defined talent as a natural ability to excel at a duty or action.

There are some keywords to take away from the above definitions – rate, effort, natural ability, duty, and action. To score or achieve a goal, these keywords must be actively displayed. If you don’t have a natural ability for a duty, don’t bother going into it, and if you do have the natural ability to perform the responsibility, but don’t put in efforts, and make it time specific, you’ll lose out on your talent. So, don’t do something because other people are doing it – do it because you’re naturally endowed with potential abilities to do it.

When I watch musical talent shows like X-Factor and American Idols, I laugh when I see some people on stage – they have no reason to be there. No amount of efforts you put into something that isn’t yours, will make it yours. To achieve your goal, begin by identifying if it’s your domain, and if it’s not, go look for what’s yours.


Market Business News says “training is the action of teaching somebody a particular skill. It may also refer to the teaching of a type of behaviour…which aims to improve a person’s capacity, capability, performance, or productivity.”

What I take out of the above definition is skills. Every talent requires the acquisition of skills – talent isn’t enough – you need skills to drive it through. If you’re a singer, for instance, in spite of your sonorous voice, you must learn how to time your singing; otherwise, you’ll go off beat. If you’re a talented footballer, you must learn how to adapt to different tactical approaches. If you’re a writer, you must learn how to use punctuations, and also, different styles of writing. Skills don’t come with talent – they come with training. Many talented people have failed and are still failing because they feel talent is enough – no, it isn’t. To make it work, you must show some discipline, commitment, and every character that’ll enhance your gift – the enhancement comes from acquiring skills connected to your talent.


Michael Jordan said “Talents win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” If you want to win a game, work alone, but if you want to win competitions, work with a team. As little as my blog is, I have a team. I have my web designer and IT Consultant – when I encounter difficulties with the site, I either call or send messages to him, and things get sorted. On video and audio podcasts, I have a team of four – me, my wife and my two children do the video shots. And when I need to take pictures, I also have a professional photographer, who is always there for me. I write, and edit articles, videos and audios – I am also the blog administrator. It would have been so difficult for me to carry on without a team. I don’t know all, so can’t do all, and even if I did know all, I don’t have the energy and time to do all, so I need a team.

In football, the team isn’t just the eleven players on the pitch – the substitutes, the players who didn’t make it into the first team, all the backup staff, are all part of the team – even the fans make up the team. The players on the pitch aren’t alone – they have a whole lot of people behind them. So when they lose, it isn’t them alone that feel the pain – sometimes, depending on the popularity of the team, the pain goes global.

You must realise that for each goal you fail to score or achieve, there’s a whole lot of people that bear the consequences. So, you’re selfish when you fail to hit that target, and end up with silly statements like, it’s my life. It’s not just your life – it’s our lives.

To achieve that goal, go back to your team – don’t work in isolation. If you don’t go back, you may win a game, but you can’t win a championship. Recently, Manchester City Football Club won a treble – they did it with the help of the entire team. If you want to win in your life, have a team, but if you want to ruin your life, work alone.


You must give a specific time to any goal you want to achieve – don’t leave it to linger forever. If you want to build or buy a house, put a time frame to it – there must be a window. If you want to get a degree, put time on it. The golden rule is that there’s time for everything, and so, if you don’t time a thing, you’re not ready to succeed in it – what you don’t time, you don’t achieve. Imagine a football game without time – the excitement in a game or a target meant to be achieved is because it is tied to time. When people tell me their dreams and expectations, one of the first questions I ask is when they plan to achieve it. Remember, I didn’t say when they intend to, but when they plan to – an intention without a plan has no time tied to it. Anything that there isn’t time isn’t a serious business. Anything that there isn’t time isn’t promotional. If your child goes to primary school forever, when will she get into secondary and the university? If you want to succeed, you must work with time.


There’s a player in the English Premier League that I dislike because of his poor decision-making. When he gets the ball, he’s mostly at a loss what to do with it, and most often, he ends up making back passes. The back is not the target – I know that sometimes, in order to score or achieve a goal, you have to retreat, but when you keep retreating, you can’t hit your target. You must advance to achieve your goal – you must move forward to make your dream happen – you must be rugged and take risks to bring to life, your expectations, and this involves good decision making. Decide to shoot, and there’ll be a tendency that you’ll score. Decide to keep making back passes, and there’ll be a tendency that you’ll concede. Some people make back passes because they want to pass the risks to other people – they don’t want to be blamed for making mistakes, but if you don’t dare, you can’t achieve anything. I don’t mind being blamed – I want to take the risk, make the mistake, but beat my chest and say, at least, I made an attempt. To achieve that goal, decide to run through oppositions – score that goal!




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