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No one will buy a theoretical product because it is only in the imaginary world. I can’t buy a dream; you can’t buy a dream. If the computer was a dream, it will not sell on the shop floor. If cars were dreams, they won’t be driven on any road. If ships were dreams, they won’t sail on the sea. There is a time to stop dreaming and start acting.

 One beautiful HEART is far greater than a million beautiful BODIES.

You must feed your dream until it has enough cash to feed itself. You must push your dream until it has enough momentum to push itself. You must drive your dream until it has enough fuel to drive itself. If you think mere dreaming will trigger success, you haven’t come to the consciousness, how much it costs to live your dream.

Prove you have a tomorrow by defying all obstacles around you to commence your journey towards your desired change. Stop weeping where you are – get up and get going.

No man should use the status of today to determine the outcome of tomorrow. If today, you decide to look beyond the challenges, and see a brighter tomorrow, you will step into what you see.

If you’re ashamed to be a cleaner in order to make some change to bring your change, you don’t understand what it means to chase a dream.

You are a debtor to your dream, and if you can’t pay back what you owe, you can’t live your dream. So, wake up from your sleep, stop dreaming and start working.

Listen – things you don’t picture don’t happen. I repeat – things you don’t picture don’t happen….Man is a creative being, and whatever he imagines, he’s got the ability to create – if he doesn’t imagine, he becomes powerless and useless….Whatever you imagine, you empower yourself to become.

During marathon, most who sprint at the fire of the gun are usually the inexperienced. In life, there’s a time to ignore those ahead and focus on your tactics. With common sense, you must know where to save energy for the time it’ll be most needed.

Everyone starts weak, but when they persist, they end up strong. So, PERSIST!

I’m building a name instead of a game. So when they came to tame, they found nothing to blame – then they walked out in shame. I’m not here to fame, but if I can frame the frail, then I’m happy to say I was here a beam.

You don’t need to stress over people believing where you are but not believing where you’re going. Inasmuch as you continue seeing that picture, keep walking towards that picture. When you reach your destination, you wouldn’t have to beg anyone to believe because as they say, seeing is believing.

Silence is a response. Because you said nothing, don’t mean you said nothing.

Give your heart away, not for money, but for the sake of helping someone who can’t help himself. Give your content away, not for popularity, but to save that soul in one corner of the world that no one can reach. When you’re gone, it isn’t your bank balance that’ll count, but how many lives you impacted and how you took someone from the dungeon to a solid ground where they can stand again. Success isn’t about how much you have but how much you made a difference with your little gift.

I’m STRONGEST when I don’t HATE.

Find your space. Take control of your place. With pace, you’ll reach your stage.

As each day breaks, your record best is being broken daily by people you consider insignificant. If you don’t get up and work harder, you will be the one that will sooner or later be regarded as insignificant. What you were yesterday is nothing compared to what most people are today. If you rely on your past to put you on top tomorrow, you will be surprise how far away you will be from the peak you once occupied yesterday.

Some people think everyone that’s happy got something that made them happy. You’ve never been so wrong! The way you feel isn’t a choice. The way you respond is!

The imaginary opportunity on your hand is enough substance to build your future on. Stop waiting for any other. Run with the imagination. Run with that picture!

Drinking with gold cup doesn’t in actual sense enhance the taste of the content. Before you show off, increase the value of what is within. You’re lost and cheap if your package is more expensive than your brain.

If you feel like you’re in a hole, never mind, because your light will make you found. LET YOUR TALENT GLOW.

When I stumble, I only pretend to be dead. I am TOO ELASTIC not to REBOUND.

Rather than see DOOM, see BOOM, because what you GROOMED will soon ZOOM!

When you’ve done all you can, and it appears like you still can’t, stay put, and fight on. A few steps after all impossibilities is the break you’re looking for. Frustrations always show you wasted efforts, but keep the wait because your day will soon break.

Your limitation isn’t an excuse not to get to your destination. BEAT the ODDS!

You can pin me down, but you can’t count me out.

If you fail, take a short break to ponder why. Assess what went wrong. Look for how to make it right, and move on. Sitting to moan or mourn takes you out of contest and where you don’t contest you don’t emerge.

Lazy minds only pray, but do nothing about their dreams. If you want results from what you do or expect to do, you must roll up your sleeves and get into it deeper. You must get the facts right – read it, study it, ponder on it, and then, use it. Your actions are more potent than your prayers. Get into your dreams with the totality of your heart. Be rugged about it. Be ready to learn from those ahead of you. Be angry that you’re still behind, but do something about it. Be willing to start again if need be. Make no excuses for where you are, no matter how genuine they may be. Just keep going, keep adjusting and keep adapting. One Day, you’ll find yourself at the top.

I was never upset that I did not get an Emmy. That I did get an Emmy nomination, I couldn’t be happier and prouder.” These were the words of Kylie Chandler. You may not win – you don’t have to, but still nominate yourself. You may lose the fight, but still get on the ring and prove that you are not a coward, and that beyond the casual, you are a bundle of irreplaceable energy. Get up and NOMINATE YOURSELF!

Life isn’t about where you are, but where you’re going. SOMEHOW, MAKE A MOVE.

When we are all stars, there isn’t a dark to prove we can light. So we all dazzle, by blinding one another.

When we were poor, we were richer. When we got rich, we became poorer.

The best shoes I’ve worn aren’t the ones with very rigid soles – they’re the ones whose soles are flexible. When you mount pressure on them, they appear to descend, and when the pressures are taken off, they return to their original positions. To withstand the beatings of life, you must learn to adjust and adapt without losing your originality. That’s the way to success.


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