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There are too many reasons why a man must stop dreaming. When he waits for weeks, months and years, and nothing seem to be changing; he gets frustrated, and starts inviting negativity into his mind. To most people, accepting whatever comes their way appears more peaceful. With this, they don’t feel disappointed when nothing changes. They simply adapt to the circumstance, and move in any direction that the wind takes them. But the sad challenge is that no one knows the next direction of the wind. It blows wherever it wishes; it cannot be dictated for. With the wind, you are not in control of your destiny.

It is every man’s priority to make sure that at least, he has a role to play in the direction of his life. Leaving one’s life to chance puts the person under the rules of probability. The rules of probability are either guided by luck or some painful exclusivity. This is why a man must dream, because dreaming puts you in charge of your destiny.

Why must a man never give up his dream?

1. Dreams make you mentally alert: a thinking mind is an active mind; an active mind is a productive mind. To be mentally alert, you must have a dream. The succession of imagination in your mind keeps you awake, aware and conscious. When alert, you hardly miss any opportunity.

2. Dreams do come true: the most important reason why you must dream is because dreams do come true. If you have a good dream, and aggressively hold on to it, it may pass through some rough times, but if you persist, it will happen. The waiting time is the painful time, but your insistence will make your dream materialize.

3. Dreams give you a reason to live: whatever you look forward to, is your driving force. Dreams are motivators for existence. They make you see beyond suicidal temptations. Why should a man die, or ever think of dying, if he knows that he has so much ahead of him? You have so much ahead of you. Live on!

4. Dreams make you focus: focus sees one thing, believes in one thing, and longs towards one thing. What you keep seeing, you will one day, get. What keeps your focus is a dream.

5. Dreams set you apart: there are so many people on the base of the pyramid of life. At the base, you can hardly tell who is who. The only way to distinguish those who own the future is by identifying those who dream. Even at the worst stage of life, dreams set you apart.

6. Dreams motivate you: what keeps you on the road is your motive. What makes you run towards the finish line is your motive. Dream is a great motive. It is a fire that keeps you warm in the very chilly weather of disappointments. Keep dreaming!

7. Dreams make you plan ahead: a man who knows where he’s going prepares for where he’s going. Preparation is planning. Every genuine dreamer prepares towards the day he will be on stage. He’s never caught unaware.

8. Dreams help you manage your scarce resources: for a good dreamer, every penny has a purpose. Nothing is wasted; nothing is lost. A good dream is a great manager.

9. Dreams give you an identity: what are you known for? What you are known for is what you long for. What you long for is your dream. That is what entitles you; that is what you are introduced as. Without a dream, you’re just one of those in the street.

10. Dreams keep your hope alive: dreams tell you that your hope will be real, by continuously showing you the picture of its physical manifestation. When you don’t believe it, it brings to your mind, the people that have gone through similar challenges but ended up living their dreams. Dreams truly keep your hope alive.

11. Dreams make you a creative thinker: cracking a good dream requires a lot of tactics and strategies. So you need to brainstorm to come up with workable solutions. Every dreamer is a creative thinker. He thinks laterally to provide unusual answer to unusual codes.

12. Dreams give you a direction: some people are talented but have no direction. Without direction, they stray and abuse their gifts. But with dream, you have a direction. Even if you don’t know it, dreams will make you seek it.

13. Dreams help you manage internal pressure: every frustrated mind is boisterous, but dreams help it to simmer. The hope of where you’re going relaxes the mind with which you’re working. With a calm mind, you get more focused.

14. Dreams strengthen your resolve to be consistent: dreams encourage you to keep adding values to your creativity until it becomes recognized and accepted. A good dreamer doesn’t stop at the lag phase of the curve; he keeps doing more when nothing seems to be working.

15. Dreams develop your positive character: every failed attempt tests your character. If you’re weak, you give up. If you’re strong, you carry on. What is your character? Weak or strong!



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