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Many people are talented but taking it to the level where it gets to be noticed and appreciated is where a lot have issues. The worst problem is that those with real talents don’t even believe they have them, and due to that, they stay continuously backstage. Staying backstage when you’re supposed to be on stage is disserve to you and your world. To get you on stage, I will tell you 10 tips that will take your talent to the top level.

Find it: Ask yourself, ‘What am I best at?’ There’s something you love to do most. There’s a passion you are endeared to. Dig that passion out of the mud where it’s hidden. Wash it. Polish it. Use it.

Believe it: It’s pointless finding something and not believing in it. Whatever you believe, you succeed in. Without belief, without faith, nothing is achievable. You’ve got to believe it to reach it and get it.

Be bold about it: You need to be confident about what you have and who you are. Be bold to say what you have, even if there are so many people on that platform.

Defend it: Being bold gives you the capacity to defend your talent. You’ve got to fight for it with all you’ve got. You’ve got to use all your weaponry to fight for what you believe in. Don’t sit down and let your talent be pushed down the bottom of life. Get stand, stand up for your right. Your talent is your right.

Prove it: Prove what you have. Show what you have. Do what you have. You need to show the world what you have. You must be confident about. People are waiting to see you. People are waiting to hear you. People are waiting to know you. Don’t disappoint them.

Be a slave to your call: Your call must not serve you, you must serve your call. You aren’t a master to your talent, you are a slave. Except you treat your talent like your master, you wont be able to take it to the top level. Many people are below their statuses because they feed themselves and starve their gifts. Feed your talent. Take it to the top level.

Fund it: If you have to pay to push it, pay. If you have to spend to brand it, spend. If you have to starve to take it to the top, starve. Make every sacrifice you have to make until it reaches its peak. Even when it gets to the peak, keep making all the sacrifices.

Don’t cut corners: Whatever you do, don’t cheat. If you cut corners, it will come back to hurt you and kill your talent. There was this story of Emmanuel Ninja, who was a German artist resident in America. Instead of focusing on painting pictures, he dedicated most of his time painting $20 notes. And he was using the fake dollar notes to make purchases until he was caught. Never cheat your talent.

Be objective: Stand your ground. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Don’t let those ahead of you intimidate. Don’t let those behind you intimidate you. Know what you want. Go for what you want. Be objective.

Go with the right motive: If you don’t have the right motive, your talent will remain stagnant. What kills talents most is when people put money first. Yes, when people put money first. Your first priority should be to enjoy what you do. Secondly, let it be a source of happiness to others.

So, to take your talent to the top level, find it, believe it, be bold about it, defend it, prove it, be a slave to it, fund it, don’t cut corners, be objective, and go with the right motive.

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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