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When I write an article, I usually begin with a quote, a story, or a poem. Most often, I prefer using another person’s quote, so it can corroborate what I’m saying – to make an interesting read, you need a bit of other people. So, in doing this piece of content, I went online to search for a quote, but couldn’t find what would reflect exactly what I had in mind – I went from site to site, page to page, but still couldn’t find what would provide that energy to the readers, and as I did, something came out of my heart. My heart said to me, “I won’t hit the ground running, but I promise to put one foot down to test the grounds I’ll be walking, and then decide if it’s the place to run or not.”

It made no sense. It had no relationship with what I was writing, but it was a place to begin. Big people begin – most times, it doesn’t make sense, and sometimes, they don’t know where it’ll end, but they just begin by doing something. They’ll be mocked, but they still endeavour to do. So let me tell you 10 things that big people do – these are the ten amazing facts related to successful people.

1. They are little in their own eyes: not too long ago, I updated my Facebook profile page with this quote, “If you’re big, and we all know you’re big, but you keep telling everyone that you’re big, then, we’ll wonder how you became big, because big people are small in their own eyes.” Being small in your own eyes doesn’t mean you’re looking down on yourself, or you’re not self-confident – it means, in spite of your height, which everyone can see, you genuinely decided to be small – that’s exactly where true happiness begins. If you’re too weighty, remember that weight kills.

2. They serve others: they don’t worship others, they serve others. Service to God and humanity is a reflection of greatness. If you’re big, and you don’t serve people, you’re selfish. There must be something you should give without expecting to get back – you must deliberately target people who don’t have the ability to pay you back. It could be in the very little things that you consider very insignificant, but you must have a heart to do it. For instance, help an elderly man, elderly woman, cross the road – that looks small, until you see drivers who wouldn’t stop for an elderly person already crossing the road to go through. According to research, pedestrians crossing the roads in the UK and US require people to walk at 1.2m/s to cross in time, however, a large proportion of older people cannot walk at this speed. If they can’t, being patient with them is actually being big. You might think it’s nothing, but to them, it’s a lot. This is just one illustration so taken for granted – there are many more.

3. They are influencers: an influencer is someone with the personality, power, persuasive ability, knowledge and authority to make you change your mind, and act in certain ways, or go in certain directions. An influencer is usually an authority in a field either through acquisition of knowledge or experience, and he or she has the ability to use that information to change perceptions, promote a perception, or reflect a perspective. To help an erring child lead a good life requires a positive influence – it may just be one child you influenced, but that child is the beginning of a whole future generation. As many people walk passed that troubled child, your five minutes of positive input into the life of that jewel is a lot. You may think you did nothing, but you did a whole lot that money cannot buy.

4. They stand for what they believe: it’s one thing to have a conviction, it’s another to stand for it. Julius Caesar said to his wife Calpurnia, “Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.” In professional and social life, I have seen lots of cowards – you can hardly tell if they have a belief or conviction – they serve whatever comes their way, and adopt whatever is popularly adopted, or whoever bullies them to adopt it, even when the tide is completely against them – they just die in bits. Some of these people are big, but in the true sense, they aren’t big, they’re just obese. Being mentally obese is different from being mentally big.

Big people stand for what they believe. Most times, they’re misunderstood, and some call them rebels because they don’t always toe the lines of propriety except it makes sense, and as they ask questions to verify the need for an action, those whose egos are mightier than common sense vilify them, but they still insist on what they believe.

5. They give you a second chance: yes, big people have zero tolerances, but in spite of that, they give people a second chance.

David Millar said, “People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings.”

One aspect of not being given a second chance is with ex-convicts, and that hurts me so much. There are many ex-offenders that have turned over a new leaf, but still criminalised by the justice system. When their names appear boldly on databases with their offences headlined, how can the genuine ones find jobs and raise their families – that’s one main reason some of them reoffend, because they see no hope outside. Charles B. Rangel said, “I am a firm believer that upon release, ex-offenders should be afforded a second chance to become productive citizens by providing rehabilitation and education that will help them join the workforce.”

The society must rise up and be bigger than stigmatising those who erred and have stopped erring. There should be that recognition that they have stepped up and overcome their devils, and I think that should be appreciated.

6. They treat everyone with respect: I work in an environment where some so called big people only say good morning to fellow big people, and when they see small people, they walk past – when some of the small people say good morning to them, some of them don’t respond at all. I am for real; I’ve noticed it millions of times.

If you’re big but don’t have a simple etiquette, you’re miserably less than an ant, because one mark of big people is respect. They respect themselves and respect everyone – they don’t class discriminate – they don’t look at your social status to determine how you should be treated – they actually help you raise your status.

7. They appreciate other people’s contributions: sometime ago, I worked in a team supervised by one woman. She was a type of person motivated by praise, but where she gets it wrong is that she steals other people’s praise – she likes taking credits for what subordinates have achieved. And on this very day, I worked my life out (I always do – I give my best in whatever I do). When it was time to go home, some people that were to take over said, “Ken, it’s like you really worked so hard today.” Rather than confirm that I worked hard, she said, “I made him work hard,” which meant, I wouldn’t have worked hard if she hadn’t made me do so. Straightaway, I made her understand the stupidity of what she said, and often say. I told her she likes taking credits for other people’s contributions, and that she always puts herself in the picture. She got the message.

Big people don’t paint thieving pictures – they appreciate those that deserve it, even if they helped them to.

8. They are empathetic: feeling other people’s pains, even if you aren’t exactly in their position is empathy. Putting yourself in another person’s position to kind of, imagine their circumstances and how it hurts is empathy. It is empathy that keeps the world going. It is empathy that makes the earth go in circular motion. Without empathy, there would be no rotations. If the world begins and ends with you, you’ll have no one to run to when things start falling apart. Big people are empathetic.

9. In wars, they lead from the front: there are husbands who, when there’s a need for a fight, hide behind their wives – they’ll say to their wives, tell him this, or tell him that, but when there’s something to benefit, they remember they’re the men, they tell you they’re big. It is your actions that evaluate your size. In times of wars, big people lead from the front, and in times of peace, they lead from behind. Step up!

10. They keep hope alive: I know in certain circumstances, it’s difficult to tell someone not to give up, especially when the obvious are so conspicuous that they stare at you straight in the face, but I make bold to say, don’t give up.

I know that the disease has eaten deep into you and you have been told it’s the end of the road – you are so inconsolable, but I still say to you, don’t give up.

I know that even if they have to sell you and all the little assets you’ve got, the money wouldn’t be enough to solve that problem, but I still make bold to say don’t give up.

I’m not a preacher, not a miracle worker, but I know what not giving up has helped me achieve. I can look back and see the devils I fought. I can look back and see the roads I walked. I can look back and see people who said I would never rise to become anything – they said without them, I would drown. I don’t know how I didn’t drown, because it was meant to be, but I never ever give up, and that attitude has always helped me. Recently, I made a decision to update myself by running a professional programme that’ll cost me tens of thousands of pounds. When I told some people the exact amount, they screamed. I won’t take you through my battles, but I’ll tell you when I conclude the programme, because I never give up. I am keeping my hope alive. Big people keep their hope alive. Be big!!!!!!!

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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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