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2014 has just become history, WELCOME TO 2015. Happy New Year to you all and I hope you had great fun during the festive season.

Take it or leave it, this year has started counting. If you think it’s too early to start moving, you better get out of your hangover and start seeing with your clear eyes and mind. The fireworks belong to yesterday; the real deal has begun. The real deal is your ability to position yourself for a successful year. The real deal is how you make things far better than the previous year. The real deal is how you can make sure that by December 2015, you aren’t biting your nails in regrets like some people did in 2014. That is what I call the real deal!

To make the real deal happen, there are lessons to be learnt and decisions to be made. Some of these decisions stemmed from the errors of 2014. Yes, errors! Errors may be disadvantageous, but a successful mind knows how to make good use of the disappointments of yesteryear. Therefore to succeed in 2015, some tough decisions must be made. Some of these decisions may personally and initially go against your body chemistry, but if you stand by them, come end of the year, you will be happy you did.

What are the 10 Success Decisions You Must Make In 2015?

1. Shut the door behind you: opening your door gives everyone access to your inner self. Not everyone that comes to you should enter into you. Some people don’t deserve it, and they’ve proven it a million times, only that you didn’t have that will to say no. There are people to shut your door against, without the usual sentiment. If you insist on letting everyone in, you will have yourself to blame when you get maimed.

Shutting the door behind you gives you control over your life. At least, let people knock on the door, and then give you the option of deciding who you let in or don’t respond to. Operating an open door policy isn’t the best advice for someone that wants to move ahead. It’s your life; don’t let any burglar in.

2. Trim down your number of friends: to some people, everyone they meet is a friend. So, they have all sorts of people, who they can’t define when probed.

What’s your definition of friendship? Maybe you have to look more into its meaning before you make a conclusion on what true friendship is. Trim down the number. You don’t need the whole world to make headway; what you need is people who understand your goals and visions, and those you can positively impact. Simple!

3. Stop jumping around: assess 2014, and audit how many places, events and people you visited. Be sincere with yourself, and answer this question, ‘Where most of them worth it?’ If you’re being honest, you will realise that probably, about 40-50% of those visits didn’t deserve your presence. You may have attended in order to please someone.

4. Have a personal daily quiet moment: some people’s minds are too busy; therefore, they hardly come up with innovative ideas. For others, they talk 24/7 except when they’re asleep, so they don’t stop to ponder.

Without a quiet time, you can’t think, and if you can’t, you’ll keep relying on other people’s ideas. In short, you’ll become an idea thief, and that is if you’re a highly intelligent person. If like me, you have average intelligence, you’re doomed if you have no time for regurgitating and ruminating.

5. Create substance, not cosmetics: if I hold a new book, in 5 minutes, I am able to know the value of that book. If it contains substance, I read it, but if it doesn’t, I discard. I don’t read every book. I am not fooled with titles.

From the introduction of a movie, speech, or presentation, I can tell where it is heading to; whether to the peak or pit. Substance drives me. Substance inspires me. Stop the wishy-washy project. Stop the rush to become popular because you’ll fail. Focus on the nitty-gritty of the job. Create substance. Create value.

6. Resist external pressure to derail from your call: one major setback in a man’s call is when his eyes are off his targeted destination. As you focus on creating substance, you’ll see those flying when they should be walking. As human, it is natural to feel bad when you perceive that those you’re making more sacrifices than, are ahead of you. So, if you aren’t convinced about your call, you’ll join the coven of witches. Witches, because, they’re the only humans that fly. If you aren’t one, don’t let another man’s unfounded progress deter you from following your lane.

7. Assess situations, and then make decisions: without being insulting, many have become fools by the way they make decisions. Some people are too hasty. They base their premise on peripherals, and then make very expensive decisions that cost them everything they own.

Do an audit trail before you jump on the train because you don’t know where the rail is heading to.

8. Be more discerning: discernment is wisdom. Think wisely; that is what will help you make a good assessment. Discernment is everything. It will help you see beyond the façade. Discernment exposes liars and tricksters. This is the number one friend you need in 2015!

9. Charge for your services: if you want to make money in 2015, please, please and please, charge for your services. Charge family members first. Charge friends second. Charge clients third, and fourthly, charge your enemies! Enough of freebies; let your talent pay your bills.

10. Don’t discard your drawing board: any substance you create will come with imperfection. Take a second look at it. Let unbiased few selected like and unlike minds take a look at your creativity, and analyze it. Take on board their criticisms and go back to the drawing board. If you know how to rectify, you will succeed.

Wishing You A Happy 2015!



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Ken is a leadership Motivation, Strategy and Personal Development Writer, Blogger and Speaker. He writes for a number of magazines and blogs. He is also a mentor and published author of several books.

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